Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

It was April 26, 2011 when we left Homer, Alaska to begin our Epic Expedition - a road trip from Alaska to Argentina.

It's been just about eight months on the road. How much has it cost us and how far have we driven?

Here's the breakdown:

Previous Months Expenses

Total Miles Driven

  • Mileage 4/26/11 - 98,475
  • Mileage 5/27/11 - 104,345
  • Mileage 6/29/11 - 106,404
  • Mileage 8/3/11 - 109,286
  • Mileage 9/1/11 - 110,955
  • Mileage 10/4/11 - 113,663
  • Mileage 11/7/11 - 115,728
  • Mileage 12/1/11 - ??
  • Miles this month - Dang it, the truck is not here, I'll have to check later.
  • Total Miles Driven -

We're still driving mostly for free, thanks to!

Monthly Expenses

  • Personal $1,071.61 - WHOA! What happened? Had to buy a new camera, mine was stolen in Tulum, Mexico
  • Truck $601.51 - Truck broke down, and was leaking engine oil. Plus we decided to remodel.
  • Groceries $488.12 - We splurged this month, maybe we find comfort in food...
  • Dining Out $128.84 - Easier than cooking
  • Diesel $50.00
  • Travel $35.92 - Too busy dealing with problems to sight-see much
  • Education $26.92  - Bought some books for our new Kindle

Total Monthly Expenses - $2,403.00

Rough month...problem after problem, and very expensive.

But we're still alive. And we're not going home, so all is well.

Locations Visited This Month

Because of the hellish month, I don't have posts for these yet...

  • Stranded in Sabancuy
  • Stuck in Champoton
  • Akuumal, Mexico
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Homeless in Xcalac, Mexico
  • Christmas in Bacalar, Mexico

Total Locations Visited

What About Your Fuel and Accommodation Expenses?

Our vehicle runs on waste vegetable oil (veggie) thanks to Golden Fuel Systems, and has allowed us to complete the majority of our trip for almost free.

In Mexico, there is plenty of used oil to be had, but collecting it is more of a challenge, and requires more planning and patience.

We were generously sponsored by Cascadia Vehicle Tents, so most of the time we sleep in our very comfy roof top tent. CVT upgraded us to the family size Mt. Rainier tent with annex room. Thanks CVT!! - Watch the video by clicking here. Otherwise we stay with family or friends who invite us along the way.

Camping near Sabancuy, Mexico


After an amazing November, December was really something hellish. Problem after problem. We didn't get to do or see the things we planned on, because we were too busy trying to keep our truck running.

Then to top it off, my camera was stolen, and I had to replace it.

The year ended well though, and we got things taken care of that we needed to, and were joined by some friends who plan to spend a couple of months with us here in Mexico.

I'll be posting about our adventures as soon as I can...



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8 Responses

  1. Charles Loflin

    What a trip. We are in Jerico, Columbia. Just visited Caracamunga! Landslides, blind curves galore!!!! We are in Columbia because Luz’s mother is not well. This week she gose to Medellin fpr additional test.

  2. Harriet

    I am glad that things are going well for you guys now. How did your camera get stolen. No fun, but glad you guys are all doing well. I am so jealous and wish I was in your shoes. Some day hopefully in the near future.

    • Rachel

      Hi Harriet,

      I left my camera on the dashboard of our truck, with the door unlocked and nobody in it. It was a crime of opportunity.

      If you think about how you can make your dream happen, you’ll find a way.

  3. Kali

    Having such a young family what made you want to start traveling? My husband and I would love to start traveling more but we feel like it is time to start settling down and have a family. It’s amazing that you have showed your children other parts of the world. That’s something most children don’t get to experience until they are much older. Thank you for making me realize that we can continue experiencing the world with our family.

    • Rachel

      The irony is that I never traveled before we had kids. My husband had done some, and took a couple of trips while I stayed home with babies. I told him “No more!” I want to go. For us, we never questioned being able to do it with kids – in fact we felt strongly that we needed to do it for our kids, as part of their education. It’s a major part of our philosophy for raising our children.


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