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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to visit the Redwood Forest.

I had the same desire, and high expectations, for visiting Crater Lake in Oregon, and I was bitterly disappointed.

So arriving in the Redwood National Parks, I let go of all previous expectations, and allowed myself to simply experience the forest without prejudice.

Standing in the presence of these majestic, colossal trees, you feel the aura of their wisdom and a connection through the ages, knowing their life has spanned thousands of years.

Redwood National Forests also protect 37 miles of coastline

These trees grow up to 375 feet tall!

There's more than trees in the Redwood Forest

A climbing playground paradise

Tree huggers 🙂

The roots of a fallen tree

The tallest living thing on earth - Coast Redwoods

Walking among giants

Atlas in front of Big Tree

A picture of us together!??!! (taken by Kimball - 5)

'Big Tree' - the biggest tree in this forest

Right outside the forest, these elk were peacefully grazing.

A small part of the 37 miles of coastline in the National Park

Have you visited the Redwood Forests? What did you think?

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  1. Carol Kaatz

    I LOVE the Redwood Forest! It was a dream of mine too and I was not disappointed! So amazing! Love the pics of Atlas too…he is still adorable!


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