We spent Dia de Muertos 'eve' in Tzintzuntzan. It was pretty happening. But when the kids were tired, we knew we'd never be able to sleep there in the city with the music thumping, so we drove out of town back toward Patzcuaro and pulled off by some farmer's field.

In the morning, a heavy fog covered us. But by the time we were dressed and had eaten our oatmeal for breakfast, it had burned off.

We drove into Patzcuaro so that our friends could get their brakes replaced, then headed to el centro to see what was happening for the Day of the Dead.

Patzcuaro has a unique center. It used to be a town square that was flanked by mansions of early Conquistadors. Now they have been converted to hotels and restaurants, and today in the middle of them was a gigantic market.

This is Katarina, the Lady of the Day of the Dead.

These women are Parepechan Indians, come to sell their wares at the market.


A great artist, who has a life size Katarina.

We love looking at all the cool things for sale, but really we're not tempted to buy anything. Where would we put it? On the shelf in our 'living room'? Ha ha!

Our favorite part is the food. Now that's something we can take with us!


This is pozole.


It's hard to tell, but that face says, "This is amazing."

Across the street was a cathedral.

To get to the cathedral and back to the centro, we had to pass through this side street market, which had a very unique 'hippie' sub-culture.

The guy with the dreds liked Kyah, and gave her a bracelet. (I never saw him stand up...)

Next we walked to the other side of the centro to visit the biblioteca (library).

   At the far end of the library is a mural painted by Juan O'Gorman, "The History of Michoacan" and the Parepechan (or Tarasacan) people.

There was also several Katarinas on sale.

  We did a little more walking (and sitting) around before we left Patzcuaro to head toward Morelia.

Heading toward Morelia, we stopped in Tzintzuntzan again (this time in the daylight), and visited the cemeteries that we saw aglow for the eve of Dia de Muertos the night before.

There are so many decorations, you can't even tell what is what.

Many families were there eating and visiitng.


The lone forgotten and broken grave in a sea of remembrance.

The cemetery entrance is also covered in flowers.

Pretty cool, Dia de Muertos.

Watch the video below. Click here if you can't see it.




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  1. rosario

    hello , yo soy de Patzcuaro Mich, me da mucho gusto ver como disfrutan esa hermosa tierra,y su comida ,,yo estoy en los Estados Unidos ,y al ver los videos y fotos parese que yo misma andaba alla , y sobre todo que esten disfrutando la trankilidad y la gente se anime a viajar sin temor ala violencia porque aveces en mas lo que se dice que lo que realmete pasa , saludos y que Dios los bendiga y los cuide en su viaje ..


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