We parked our truck in the native Indian village of Angahuan, then hiked to where the village of Paricutin used to be, but now all that is left is their cathedral, jutting out from the jagged bed of lava. (If you didn't already, read this post to learn the history of how this volcano came to be, and to see the photos from the village of Angahuan.)

A gorgeous hike through the forest, and a horse for little legs.

We reach the lava field.

When we arrived at the base of the lava bed where the cathedral was, what did we find? Wonderful natives cooking up some mouth-watering food!

Ohhh, it was sooooo good!

After filling our bellies, we hiked to the cathedral.

And explored inside and out.

Greg decided that wasn't enough - he wanted to climb on top too! (Surprise, surprise) He talked Parker into joining him.

That's actually about 25 feet off the ground.

Like father, like son.

From a distance.

Close up shot.


That's where they were standing. Locos.

At the other end of the cathedral was this alter/offering. Sacred, I suppose, because it had been preserved during the lava flow.

Aren't they cute?

Pretty cool hike. Have you ever been?

Watch the video below to see it 'live'. (Click here if you can't view it)



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  1. Jason

    Came across your site through random connections (in Morgan,Ut), and have been intrigued especially by your travel through the central valley where I’ve visited on a Weber State semester abroad. I loved that area so much that my wife & I returned, between Guadalajara & Mexico City. And of course, I’ve always looked forward to taking my kids there one day…all six of them now! Thanks for the photos & experiences in the places I enjoy so much!


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