As a result of our epic expedition, our family has had an increased exposure to nature. We camp out under the stars, watch the full moon, see the sunrise and set and hear the sounds of nature on a continual basis.

The realization has grown that this has been really good for us. It's a connection that people have had to Mother Nature for thousands of years, but that recent generations have been cut off from.

So as I was making these discoveries on my own, I found this book by Richard Louv, explaining the problem of what he calls 'nature-deficit-disorder' in our kids.

Although sometimes a little too 'technical' and research heavy for me, I liked this book because it explains the recent changes and trends in our society and culture that has resulted in decreased exposure to nature (i.e. subdivisions, technology, litigation).

It also goes into detail about the positive, necessary effects that unstructured alone time in nature have on our children (and ourselves).

Nature increase creativity; develops our sensory abilities; expands your imagination; nurtures your soul; improves cognitive abilities; improves coordination and countless other physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits.

He also shares ideas on increasing the amount of nature time in our family lives, and demonstrates some of the devastating effects if we fail to do so.

I really enjoyed this book, despite some of the over technical information, and would definitely recommend it to parents who are interested in having more nature in their family lives, and for teachers and home educators who want to include nature time as an essential part of their 'curriculum.'

Click here to view this book in paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.



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