Our very cool roof top tent

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“I’m very, very, very, very tired, but I don’t have anywhere to sleep,” whines a sleepy Kimball (5).

“I know bud, can you try laying on the bench with Parker?”

“There’s no room.”

In a supreme act of kindness, Parker gives up the third row ‘add-on’ seat for his little brother and lays on the cold, hard floor of the truck bed.

They all drift into slumber, but we’re awake often throughout the night, uncomfortable and cramped in the tight sleeping quarters of our F250 long bed.

At one point I spy Parker sitting upright on the bench at Kimball’s feet, surprisingly asleep.

Later, he climbs to the end of my ‘bed’, not even long enough for me to stretch out, which I’m already sharing with Aaliyah (4) and baby Atlas.

I know daddy doesn’t have it much better - he’s squeezed onto the front seat of our crew cab with a seat belt in his back and a steering wheel in his knees.

Eight year old Kyah is probably sleeping in the most comfort, with the back seat of the crew cab all to herself, though she’s usually sharing it with a sibling or two.

True to our nature, and our Ready. Fire. Aim. approach to life, we'd embarked on our Epic Expedition before arranging adequate sleeping accommodations on our vehicle.

We did bring a very spacious and comfortable nine person tent, but with the cold weather conditions we'd encounter so far, we soon discovered we were much warmer squashed in the truck together, than spread out in our large tent.

Better to be warm and sleepless, rather than cold and sleepless.

It had been three weeks of sleeping conditions like these, and it was beginning to wear on us all.

But despite another sleepless night, as I lay awake staring at the ceiling of our shell, my spirits are kept up with one bright ray of hope - tomorrow we’ll be getting our roof top tent.

Our journey here began with an email sent out in search of companies willing to sponsor us on our expedition across Two Continents.

Bobby Culpepper of Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) enthusiastically responded that he was interested. Now here we were, stopped in the parking lot of CVT in Bend, Oregon, anticipating tomorrow morning when we would actually meet Bobby in person.

Up early, as usual when your ‘bed’ is uncomfortable, we drive to Walmart for potty breaks and breakfast.

Back at CVT, we’re mostly dressed and finished with breakfast when Bobby arrives.

He's friendly, funny and sincerely genuine - interested in helping others and authentically unselfish and openhanded.

Letting the kids help him out and explore his warehouse, they become fast friends.

Soon our roof top tent is installed, as well as an additional 'luxury' item - an awning complete with enclosed mosquito netting (we were planning on jerry-rigging a tarp, but I told you Bobby was generous).

Before we know it, we're on our way again. I attempt to express my full gratitude - does he know how much easier this will make my crazy, nomadic life on the road?

That night, Greg, the baby and I sleep 'upstairs'. We're actually able to stretch out our full length! And our memory foam mattress (included with the tent) is like sleeping on a cloud.

Wow! Can life be so good? 🙂

Thanks CVT for making our life easier! We LOVE our roof top tent!


Picking Up Our Roof Top Tent

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Set Up & Take Down of Our Roof Top Tent

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  1. Patrick

    Can you do a similar walk-through about using the veggie fuel? Where do you get it? How do you get it? How is your truck different? How do you set up suppliers? etc…

  2. Stephanie

    I’ve never seen a tent like this…so innovative! Do you have pictures of the inside space? I’ll have to check out your other posts.

    I will say, though, that I admire your courage! We are traveling across the USA in an RV…which seems like pure luxury, compared to these roof top tents. 😉

    Thanks for inspiring me to continue to “Ready. Fire. Aim.”

    • Rachel

      Thanks Stephanie!

      We don’t have any pictures, but it does show shots of the inside of the tent on the video of the ‘set up and take down.’


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