After exploring Fairbanks, we continued along the Glenn Highway toward Tok, Alaska - our planned stop for the night.

Along the way we stopped off at the North Pole - North Pole, Alaska that is.

Santa was on a seasonal break, but we got to visit his reindeer and sit in his chair.

The whole town gets into the spriit of the North Pole - from street names...

light poles...

to retirement centers. (I even saw the St. Nicolas Catholic Church)

This santa at an RV park was taller than the telephone poles

This is where you can see Santa during the summer season.

His reindeer were on site

Christmas music played merrily as we entered The Santa Claus House

A fun furry friend

The reason for the season was not forgotten

My little elves in Santa's chair

Say 'North Pole'




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  1. Mary

    Love seeing these places we’ve been with our kids! When I saw your photo on Baker’s site I told my hubs they are in Homer,AK. Can’t mistake that beauty, right down to riding the fish and driving out. Good luck on your journey, I look forward to following.


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