“This is spectacular!”

Spectacular? Really? My husband doesn’t usually use that word.

I guess he is just having a difficult time accurately describing the beauty before him.

He’s already used words like ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘amazing’, ‘unbelievable’.

The ultimate summation was made with his statement that, “This is the most beautiful road I have driven, ever.”

We’re on Route 99 heading south from Prince George, British Columbia toward Whistler, and then to Vancouver.

It’s not that we’d seen ugly scenery up to now. We’d driven through some of the most beautiful country on the earth - Alaska, the Yukon and Northern BC.

But this...

Wow. This is incomparable.

Stately, deep green pines pointed toward the sky atop imposing mountain peaks, some still capped with the last of winter’s snow.

Occasional vistas would reveal unearthly blue mountain lakes.

South of Whistler, the Squamish Valley enters our view.

A ribbon of silver winds through a variegated valley, lush with trees in all shades of green.

Jutting up from the valley floor, pine covered pinnacles reached up to meet the clouds.

Nearing Vancouver, the scene was no less captivating. Here the ocean spread fingers into the land on one side, and mountain peaks towered toward heaven on the other, in a unique sea-to-sky setting - offering residents and tourists a wide array of activities in one enticing location.

Here you could do snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, sea kayaking, sailing and dozens of other outdoor delights.

“I could live here,” enthusiastically states my perpetually nomadic husband. Coming from a man who doesn’t like ‘living’ anywhere, that says a lot about this place.



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  1. Rebeca

    Definitely one of the most beautiful places! (Coming from a BC born girl!) Every time I’m up there (from Oregon) I think I could live there too. Breathtaking!

  2. Heidi

    Wow Rachel! Those pictures look like paintings. Really makes me want to do that drive. Maybe next summer.

  3. Karen

    Just found you via Man vs Debt. Loved that interview.

    We live on Vancouver Island, all born and raised here in BC (11 of us!!) and my all time favourite vacation was as a child, camping along the logging roads that backside of BC between Whistler and Lilloet, along Anderson Lake. The fishing, the colours, the shooting stars. Nothing has topped it.

    We don’t have Beautiful British Columbia on our license plates arrogantly. Just matter-a-factly!

    Will be checking out your site. Thrilled to have found you. With 7 or 8 of our dc we’ve driven Vancouver Island to Cape Breton (NS) & lived there a year, then drove Vancouver to AZ where we spent a winter, then drove to GA and up east coast for another yr on Cape Breton, then drove back to Vancouver Island. Hoping sometime soon to drive to Mexico and maybe south.

    Adventure building in all of us. Our 23yod hits to Appalachian Trail next week by herself, and hopes to go on to Guatemala to work on a coffee farm in Feb, then maybe do the Pacific Crest back to BC. Why not, eh? So much to learn, so much to explore. Sitting still isn’t teaching us much 😉

    • Rachel

      Hi Karen!

      Sounds like you have had some great adventures and with a large family too! There is so much of this beautiful world to explore, there’s no time to sit still. Keep on moving!

  4. Lucille

    Really in awe of you guys and your adventures. Also found you from Adam Baker’s site. You’re living my dream….I’m still dreaming, wishing, hoping…..not doing too much about it…..except loving following yours…best of luck…!!

  5. Alisa

    You have GOT to be kidding me!! We are totally ashamed right now…not because we haven’t done this drive, but because we did it in the DARK! The locals looked at us like we were crazy when we left the last gas station headed to Whistler (after the sun was already down). We didn’t see anything…except for occasional headlights coming right at us on the (let’s face it) one-way mountain road! To make a long-story short…it was a very long drive in the dark, not knowing when the road would suddenly turn again (and we are very used to mountain roads!) Hahah! We’re so jealous that you got to see it in all its beauty! :::sigh::: I guess we might have to put it back on the bucket list, yet again…!

    • Rachel

      It’s a good thing to have a reason to go back, right? We’ve had to say that about a lot of places so far. So much to see in this big, beautiful world!

      • Alisa

        Indeed, it is! My husband has always had the goal to drive nearly every road in existence. Including a lot that I was convinced we should have turned around on…hahaha! 🙂

  6. Juan

    Hello Dennings Family!

    Regarding Rte 99; it is spectacular. I need to drive that road at least once per year.

    Congratulations! You guys (and gals) are doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Travel, by car to faraway places. I came upon your site by way of YouTube and your set-up of your Cascadia Vehicle Tent. We (my wife, son, daughter and I) were taking a bit of a break in Oregon and have been looking for a RTT for a while. Thank you for recommending Bobby in Bend. After watching your video, we decided to drive from Portland to Bend to pick up a tent. Decided to take the long way ’round and we’re glad we did too.

    Too bad I didn’t catch up whith what you guys were up to earlier. I’ve lived in Mexico, Seward, Fairbanks and now call Vancouver my home. I would’ve loved to welcome you all into our home, show you around and swap some road- tripping stories.

    Oh well, maybe in the future sometime. When you decide to drive through Mexico, drop me a line, my Dad lives in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos. He would love to hear about your trip. After all, I got my itchy feet from him…he used to take us on road trips all the time!

    In the meantime, have an awesome and very safe trip!

    • Rachel

      That’s so great! I know you’ll be pleased with Bobby and your RTT.

      It is too bad we weren’t able to meet up. One day! 🙂 I’ll save contact information so I can contact you about your dad in Mexico. Thanks!


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