One 'side effect' of having our blog has been the invites we've received from families who would like to meet up with us along our route.

This has led to the opportunity to meet some AMAZING families, who share similar beliefs, ideals, goals and principles. We have met them all along the way.

One family lives in Snowflake, Arizona. We spent the weekend with them, and they took us exploring one afternoon to a canyon that is known about by the locals for it's petroglyphs (some authentic, others less so).

A petroglyph is a picture that is carved into the rock using a stone or other tool. Pictographs are pictures that are painted onto rocks using some mineral or vegetal type substance.

Wow! Columbus visited here, and in 1492! (I thought he had landed in the Caribbean, not Arizona, and that his given name was Cristobal Colón, but that's just me)

    My husband couldn't resist a little climbing - even barefoot

Feel the burn!

Hopping the fence back to the truck

Have you visited Snowflake or seen petroglyphs other places? What did you think?



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  1. Lynn

    Hey guys. Haven’t been on your blog for a while because we’ve been so busy getting ready for our own trip. We bought a new truck and Charlie is coming to put on the conversion later this week. Thanks again for the connection. It was so great to have you guys over for the weekend and its fun to follow your adventure. I’m glad you guys got a chance to go through Bisbee and Tombstone. That’s crazy that you met up with Jenn’s family. What are the chances? Maybe we’ll meet like that again some day in some random place in this big world. See you then.

    • Rachel

      That is so great! Way to go guys. Hope we do meet up somewhere in the world, we loved hanging out with you guys.


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