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It was April 26, 2011 when we left Homer, Alaska to begin our Epic Expedition - a road trip from Alaska to Argentina.

It's been just about six months on the road. So how is it going?

How much has it cost us and how far have we driven?

Here's the breakdown:

Previous Month(s) Expenses

Total Miles Driven:

  • Mileage 4/26/11 - 98,475
  • Mileage 5/27/11 - 104,345
  • Mileage 6/29/11 - 106,404
  • Mileage 8/3/11 - 109,286
  • Mileage 9/1/11 - 110,955
  • Mileage 10/4/11 - 113,663
  • Mileage 11/7/11 - 115,728
  • Miles this month - 1,615
  • Total Miles Driven - 17,253

We've done over 15,000 miles for almost FREE, thanks to GoldenFuelSystems.com!

Locations Visited This Month:

Locations Visited (Total):


  • Travel $410.24 - This included the cost of crossing the border ($123 in tourist permits for 7 people, $49 in a vehicle permit, and $200 in a refundable vehicle deposit), as well as toll road costs.
  • Groceries $334.97
  • Diesel $133.90 - We had some challenges finding veggie, so we had to buy diesel
  • Charity $85.00
  • Savings $85.00
  • Truck $77.77 - Includes new brake pads, a car wash, and a mechanic to fix our truck when it broke down.
  • Dining Out $58.46
  • Personal Expenses $40.53 - This includes toothpaste, medicine, bathroom usage (it costs $3 pesos in MX), internet cafe usage, and a babysitter for date night.
  • Veggie $33.53 - We actually had to buy some used vegetable oil from restaurants in Chapala.

Total Monthly Expenses - $1,259.40

(This includes a $200 refundable deposit and $210.00 in border crossing fees)

We also had to purchase diesel because we had trouble finding veggie. When we did find it, we had to pay for that too (at a much cheaper cost then diesel however).

Wait a minute, you had to buy diesel AND veggie?

Maybe you noticed? During the last month we purchased about $133.90 in diesel and paid $33.53 for veggie.

That's because we were trying to figure out the system for gathering veggie in Mexico. Our vehicle runs on waste vegetable oil (veggie) thanks to Golden Fuel Systems, and has allowed us to complete the majority of our trip for almost free.

In Mexico, there is plenty of used oil to be had, but collecting it is more of a challenge, and requires more planning and patience. We're getting the system down, but during our 'mad dash' from the border to our friends' house in Ajijic, Mexico, we didn't have time to figure it out.

What about your 'accommodations' expense?

We were generously sponsored by Cascadia Vehicle Tents, so most of the time we sleep in our very comfy roof top tent. CVT upgraded us to the family size Mt. Rainier tent with annex room. Thanks CVT!! - Watch the video by clicking here. Otherwise we stay with family or friends who invite us along the way.

Camping outside of Paracho, Mexico


We LOVE Mexico! The longer we're here, the more we like it. We drove through in 2007, but stayed mostly at tourist traps, in nice hotels. Experiencing 'real' Mexico up close and personal is an incredible experience!




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