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Spotting a sign for a waterfall, we pull our truck into the parking lot, ready for a little hike.

Just as we're about to get out of the car, it starts to rain.

Plenty of excuses passed through my head of why we shouldn't start hiking in the rain.

But realizing that this is Oregon, and it rains a lot, we decided to do the hike anyway. Why let the weather dictate what we want to do?

So we set out, hoods on, (in flip-flops of course), and an amazing thing happened. We had an awesome hike together as a family.

Plus, it stopped raining after not too long, teaching us that as we press forward pursuing what we want, then forces usually combine to work in our favor.

Sahalie Falls

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  1. Nancy Hively

    Totally awesome guys! You gotta love those waterfalls. I enjoy seeing the current from underwater. The power of mother nature. It’s refreshing to see the beauty of Mother Nature in your photos and videos, especially now while I am in Joplin, MO volunteering for the relief efforts for the tornado. The other end of the Spectrum of Mother Nature.

    Keep up the great posts and videos. Right now it’s making me want to go back to Oregon and the west coast where we were last summer. We are from Michigan.

    I sure hope you get some warm weather soon. I get cold watching you in the rain. However, you are absolutely right to enjoy the adventure, rain or shine.

    Nancy Hively


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