For as long as I can recall, I've wanted to visit Crater Lake in Southern Oregon.

What I expected to see was something like the photo above - a photo I did not take (it was taken by ArtBrom)

What I actually saw of Crater Lake you can see in the video below. Basically though, I didn't see much through the blinding and blowing snow (yes, snow in May).

My disappointment was acute, to say the least. But what can you do? Disappointment is natural if we have previous expectations. (I wrote previously about expectations ruining your travel experience.)

A good travel maxim to live by is:

Stay flexible and expect the unexpected

Click here if you can't view this video, or watch it on YouTube.



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5 Responses

  1. Cindi

    We’ve definitely had disappointments like this too. I guess it gives a reason to return again! I just look for the little awesome things that we might not have seen at another time. Most people don’t see Crater Lake in winter, right?

  2. Jacob

    Crazy snow levels!! I love your enthusiasm…I bet it is contagious with the family. Enjoy the warm national parks!!

  3. Nancy Hively

    It’s hard to think of all that snow while sitting here in Joplin, MO in high 90+ degree heat day after day. We were at Crater Lake last year near the end of June and there was still high snow and the North entrance was still closed. However, we had beautiful weather in the 70s and blue skies. Other than not being able to drive all the way around, we were fortunate to see awesome beautiful views. I hope you will someday have another opportunity to go back. With all the adventures you will have have seen, I guess some are bound to be disappointing. The kids seems to enjoy everything they encounter and isn’t that the ultimate blessing! Continued safe travels to you all!

    • Rachel

      Yep, I’ll have to return there some day so I can see the beauty I wanted to see. That is a great thing about traveling with kids- they always have fun (I guess in part because they have no prior expectations 🙂 )


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