Crossing into California from Oregon we're asked where we're coming from (??? huh? - uhhh, Oregon), and if we're transporting any fruit.

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  1. Chris Palmer

    Dude, you had me giggling. “Where’d you come from?” I’m not even sure REAL border patrol asks a freakin’ lame question like that!

  2. Chad N Bethany Packard

    Loved the video. When we lived in Sacramento…. before moving to Texas, we would travel back and forth to Idaho to visit family. It was always a treat to go through the check points at the California border…. always the same question…. “where are you coming from?” “Any fruits or vegetables?” etc…. just crazy stuff. Keep up the great info on your tour.

  3. Sean

    “Where you’d come from?” Holy crap that was so funny! We were laughing. I love also how Greg held up a strawberry to the lady.


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