After picking up and installing our roof rack in Portland, and despite the warning for rain and the gap now left between our shell and the truck bed, we headed toward the Oregon coast.

We lived by the ocean for the last year while in Homer, Alaska - but still it seemed so long since we'd seen it.

Approaching Lincoln City, Greg caught a glimpse of the sea, and headed straight for the nearest beach.

We love the coast, the ocean, the waves, the sand.

Building castles and chasing waves, the kids barely noticed the cold. Baby Atlas, Kyah and I stayed cozy in the back of the truck, reading stories, while daddy cooked up some grub on our propane stove.

All in all it was a great time.

Click here if you can't view this video, or watch it on YouTube.

Afterward we drove further south and stopped at the historical Yaquina Head lighthouse.

The weather was overcast and drizzly, but it didn't stop us from some major World Schooling fun as we explored the unique cobblestone beach and learned how rocks become round and sand is made.

We also discovered mussels, urchins, anemones, star fish, crabs and seals. Then we hiked to the lighthouse (it had just closed unfortunately, should have done that first), but viewed the sea birds and found a HUGE slug.

Click here if you can't view this video, or watch it on YouTube.



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  1. Carol Kaatz

    I love the Oregon Coast!! What awesome tide pools and cobblestone beaches! I loved Parker’s funny faces in the background while Greg was talking! Very fun videos! I felt like I was there, except I wasn’t wet! Neat underwater pics too!


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