We completed our morning routine in the sunlight of a beautiful, clear day at Hole-in-the-Rock, a National Monument in the middle of a Southern Utah desert.

Since Hole-in-the-Rock is the end of the road (for us at least, not the pioneers), we returned the direction we came, 53 miles out toward  Highway 12 that leads to Escalante, Utah.

But along this road was a turnoff we wanted to take to a hike called Peekaboo - a slot canyon.

About twenty-five miles from the Highway 12 is a turnoff to the left called Dry Creek. You'll come to a fork (take the left), which leads to a dirt parking lot. Here's the trail head that leads to Dry Creek, Peekaboo, Spooky and Brimstone slot canyons.

The trail can be a little difficult to follow sometimes, since it traverses slick-rock, but there are cairns (the piles of rocks) to show where the path leads.

We took the first slot canyon we came to - we had know idea which was what. Later we learned, we'd taken Dry Creek. Past that was Peekaboo (I guess you hide to climb a bit to get into that one), next was Spooky, and then Brimstone.

Dry Creek was perfect for our family. It started out wider, and got narrow as we traveled along. There were obstacles to climb over, mud to play in and lizards to catch. We had a great time.

For some odd reason, when we reached the end of the canyon, instead of turning around to head back to our truck, we decided to footslog across the scorching desert, (after leaping across the slot canyon's open crevice - yes, my husband gets these ideas...) through sand, sagebrush and sizzling sun...why do we torture ourselves?

But we made it back before evaporating into the desert heat. Another character building moment, I suppose 😛

Talking later to another (experienced) hiker (and partner of TerraTrike.com - adult tricycles), he said that Spooky was one of the best slot canyons he'd ever done, but probably a little much for kids.

If you can't see the video below, click here.



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  1. Carol Kaatz

    That video gave me sweaty palms, watching Greg and the kids jumping the slot canyon!! Ahhhh! Looks like lots of fun! Great to see the kids helping each other and exploring. Miss you all so much!! Love you!


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