Santa Cruz, California

It was April 26, 2011 when we left Homer, Alaska to begin our Epic Expedition - a road trip from Alaska to Argentina.

It's been just about three months on the road. So what's our analysis so far? How are we surviving?

How much has it cost us and how far have we driven?

Here's the breakdown:

Previous Month(s) Expenses

Total Miles Driven:

  • Mileage 4/26/11 - 98,475
  • Mileage 5/27/11 - 104,345
  • Mileage 6/29/11 - 106,404
  • Mileage 8/3/11 - 109,286
  • Miles this month - 2,882
  • Total Miles Driven - 10,811

We've done over 10,000 miles for almost FREE, thanks to GoldenFuelSystems.com!

Locations Visited This Month:

Locations Visited (Total):


  • Truck Parts/Repair  $755.99 - We had to fix some things on the truck (the reason we came to Utah sooner), a necessity that was enhanced by a blown tire.
  • Groceries $715.86 (better than last two months, that's good)
  • Business Expenses $266.02 - This includes a new video camera for making videos and a new laptop battery.
  • Mountain Bike $240.00 - An indulgence of my husband's, because he REALLY wants to ride, but he's yet to have the time...
  • Personal $230.95 - This includes some new clothes, makeup, shampoo, diapers, wipes, etc.
  • Trip Prep Expenses $217.86 - This includes supplies for my organizational system (totes, wood, etc) and other 'home improvement' supplies.
  • Savings $112.00 -
  • Charity $110.00
  • Diesel Fuel $50.00
  • Medical $40.00
  • Education $29.12 - Books, paper, etc.

Total Monthly Expenses - $2,767.80 (This includes $112 in savings and $755.99 in truck repairs)

A little expensive this month, compared to the previous. We had a lot of truck repairs and trip prep expenses. Still not bad for a month of travel with a family of seven, including the 'investment' in our future.

Wait a minute, where's your fuel expense?

Maybe you noticed? During the last month we only put in about $50 in diesel.

That's because we don't use diesel when we drive. Our vehicle runs on waste vegetable oil (veggie) thanks to Golden Fuel Systems.

Most of our trip has been done on FREE waste veggie that we collect from restaurants along our way.

What about your 'accommodations' expense?

We were generously sponsored by Cascadia Vehicle Tents, so most of the time we sleep in our very comfy roof top tent - Watch the video by clicking here. Otherwise we stay with family or friends who invite us along the way.



We've spent a lot of time in Utah, working on projects to get ready for the next leg of our trip. We've done truck repairs, and organized our stuff in a more efficient manner - I'm really pleased with how it's all working out.

We've also spent a good chunk of time visiting with friends, new and old - we've had a lot of invites from people to meet up, and we've met some really great like-minded people. It has been so much fun!

Make sure to check out our itinerary to see if we'll be passing through your city/state. We'd love to meet you!

We plan to stay in Utah for the upcoming weeks - family is in town, and there's also waiting to see what happens with some family matters.

Here's what we're looking at while we're here:

  1. Internet- Still trying to figure this one out. What is the best solution for 'in-the-truck' internet, that is also global? If you have any ideas or experience with us, let us know.
  2. Installing A/C- After our trip to CA, we're absolutely certain that we're not going anywhere further south until we have A/C installed in our non-A/C Alaskan truck!
  3. Our online courses - we're still working on these - editing videos, writing content - one on designing a 'dream' family life and the others on How to See Everything for Nothing, and Traveling Mexico and Central America with Your Family.
  4. We're also working on another website idea, something for connecting traveling families - it will be awesome, so be on the lookout for it!

Everyday we're becoming more excited about our adventure, more accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle, and more anxious to get south of the border!



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