We discovered this heavenly and isolated camp site in Oregon after visiting the coast and Yaquina Head.

After their first jump into a freezing lake, daddy must have started a family tradition, because they all wanted to do it now.

The next day, daddy and I enjoyed the stillness of the morning, then did some writing before breakfast. The the kids had a blast catching cute little salamanders, despite the near frigid temperatures.

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  1. Carol Kaatz

    Love watching the kids exploring and discovering! Miss you all sooo much!

  2. Nancy Hively

    Hi Denning family ~ I was led to your adventures by the youtube video I somehow came across of Man vs. Debt. I just had to start following you guys because I love your spirit and sense of adventure. I took my 3 boys all the way out west from Michigan this past summer (7900 miles with just me driving). Our base was Vida, Oregon and we traveled everywhere from there. I so loved the Oregon Coast so it’s fun to watch your family there. Just wait until you see Crater Lake…one of the most awesome sights I’ve ever seen. We also hiked an obsidian flow south of Bend. I could go on and on but you don’t need any ideas…..you’ll find so many adventures for the family, I’m jealous. Anyway, I’m glad I found out about you. I’ll travel through your eyes for a while. One thought if you want to check it out or maybe you already know about it. You should try geocaching with the kids….you’ll find even more cool places while using a hand-held GPS to find hidden treasures throughout the world. It would be a sure bet that you’ve walked right past and over geocaches already. There are over 1.4 MILLION already hidden all over the world. Check out geocaching.com to find out more. Well I better let you get back to your travels. BTW, I love the name Atlas….how appropriate.

    Nancy Hively

  3. Bluegreen Kirk

    Seems like this would be great for a family that loves the outdoors. I really don’t think my wife would go for the cold water or catching salamanders. My son would enjoy it though!

  4. Jeannie

    I really enjoyed your video. I live on the Oregon coast, and my niece is so excited to be able to catch salamanders. She will take them home for a day, but they will go back and release them the next day. She loves tramping around looking at bugs and newts.


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