We slept at our friends house. When you don't have a home, you can sleep wherever you'd like, whenever you'd like. So we stayed with them.

We were going to sleep in our roof top tent, but since we've taken a lot of our stuff into grandma's while we're staying there, we didn't have enough blankets.

So daddy, Ky and Ki slept in the tent, while the rest of us slept inside.

Baby Atlas slept on the couch with me, which he didn't really like because he's getting so mobile and likes to roll around in his sleep.

Shockingly, I didn't get out of my 'couch' until almost 9:00 am! I guess it was due to that all-nighter the night before.

Our friends have a store they run from 9-12 on Saturdays, selling grass-fed meat and eggs, so we left to do errands and to take the kids back to grandma's so they could go see Cars 2 with her.


Once the kids were gone, hubby and I drove out to Tear-a-Part (actual name), to look for a window for the cab of our truck.

We want to be able to connect the cab and the shell, so that two kids can always sit in the back (in the self-installed seat in truck bed), and two can sit in the back seat, so there is less FIGHTING while we drive (this will really help to save my sanity, and important part to the success of our Epic Expedition).

Right now the window in the cab is just one solid piece of glass. We found one at Tear-a-Part that has a sliding window in it, and it was only $22! What a great deal.

The 'slider' you see here is for the window of the truck shell.

Atlas slept peacefully the entire time we drove around Salt Lake. He loves the vibrations of our diesel motor, it rocks him to sleep.

I worked on my computer on some projects.

I can work, despite my dying battery which needs to be replaced, because of this thing:

It's a 12 volt 400 watt inverter, that provides power to all our electronics.

I tried to finish some more videos from horseback riding and other fun adventures, but our 'air conditioning' was too loud, so I couldn't hear.

(Our air-conditioning is the windows down. That's because we bought our truck in Alaska. It was used on the North Slope, the tippy-top of the world where the Alaskan Pipeline originates. It's dark four months out of the year, and -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer months don't get 'hot' even with 24 hours of sunlight, so obviously they don't need air-conditioning.)

After Tear-a-Part (I keep using that name because I think it's so funny), I dropped hubby off at said friends again so he could help them with some projects.

Then I went to collect my children whom I'm sure were out from the movie by now.

We made grilled cheese sandwiches at grandma's, and then took off for downtown Salt Lake where the Utah Arts Festival was being held, and where I was planning to meet my cousin and her kids.

We were late (shocker), by the time we ate, loaded up, drove there, parked, walked and then navigated the mad crowds (asking myself, why do I pay money to go to these things??)

But finally we found her, and then the pressure to meet some obligation was gone, and I could relax and enjoy myself.

The day was hot, and the kids had fun playing in the water fountain.

Here's the video Kyah made of it:

Click here if you can't see it.

There was yarn creations all over the festival 'campus':

A blossoming yarn vine

A yarn adorned bike

A decked out yarn car

We had to get a group shot

A yarn tree apron??

There were all sorts of interesting exhibits:

A mixed media painting - torn maps were used, then painted over

This was a mesmerizing display. Watch the video:

Oops, I thought I got video of this, but I turned it 'on' when I thought I was turning it 'off', and turned it off, when I thought I was turning it 'on'. So all the video is of inside my diaper bag.


The 'Forked Up Art' booth

Yes, for real.

This artist paints with real blood - his own, which a nurse draws for him. Interesting, (and slightly disturbing??)


There was an entire section of crafts for kids:

Aa intent on painting her raindrop

Ky made a prayer flag.

They also had an instrument 'petting zoo' where kids could try out different instruments. Awesome! Ky was especially into it.

Atlas just chilled.

I love that look.

So cute!


Ki used his power of persuasion on me again, and whined, negotiated and manipulated until I finally took them across the street to Burger King for a vanilla shake. Yes, I know. I can't believe I did that.

I hate fast food places.

He wanted an ice cream at the festival, but I wasn't about to pay $6.00 for a small cone. Instead I spent $1.69 on a small shake and he and Aa split it.

Ky is trying to go a whole month without sweets, so that she can earn a reward, so she didn't want ice cream. She wanted fries instead, but I DEFINITELY wasn't going to spend my money on that. So I bought her an apple pie. I don't know if that breaks her deal or not.

We went back to the farm to pick up daddy, but didn't leave there until 10pm, since they weren't done with projects.

By the time we got back to grandma's, I was so hungry (I hadn't eaten since lunch), that I felt lightheaded. I ate a big bowl of ground beef/potato casserole, then went to bed with a headache and a sick stomach (hubby warned me about eating that late.)

Daddy and the kids went to bed after I did, and by the time they did, they were uber tired and whiney. I heard occasional crying until about midnight. Too late to be up, even for a nomadic family.



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5 Responses

  1. Becky

    It looks like you had a great time at the festival. I cannot believe the Free Condom guy, for reals? Isn’t the festival supposed to be for KIDS?!?! I love the pictures of Atlas, he is adorable!

  2. Simone

    Great to hear about your wild and wonderful journey!! Kyah looks like a natural with the musical instruments, she looks like a little Esperanza Spalding 🙂 Definitely looking to more fun vids from the kids!! Keep up the amazing work guys you inspire this young woman who looks forward to having her own family someday so much.

    Much Love– Simone

  3. Eric

    Wow, I don’t think I ever read this post before! When doing a google image search for the word “art” (to show Aden what art is), two of your pictures came up first.
    Whenever I plug my Powerbook into my 400W inverter, the powerbook shocks me.


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