We went to Boise to visit FamilyonBikes (and lost a child at the Farmer's Market). After we left them, we visited friends in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Expecting to find a 'sagebrush farm', imagine our surprise at the waterfalls, cliff diving, wakeboarding and BASE jumping activities that we participated in.

Twin Falls is so much COOLER than we could have imagined.

Click here to watch the video of Greg's BASE jump.

Scroll down to view photos.

Watch the video below of our fun filled two days (click here if you can't see it):

The Snake River

Perrine Bridge where Greg BASE jumped

 At Dierkes Lake



Kyah's first time!

I think my husband is cool.

Thumbs down means 'slow down!'

Thumbs up means 'speed up!'


Have you been to Twin Falls, Idaho?




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5 Responses

  1. Don

    My wife and I were there about 15 years ago, but it was nothing like this. Sleepy little town. I feel like I really missed out!

  2. Nate

    We moved to Twin after graduating college and accepting a job there. We LOVED Twin Falls and the people! The summer days were soooo long, the outdoor recreation was second to none and the sense of community was amazing. We struggled when life called us in a different direction and we had to move back to AZ after only a year. But we cherish many memories from our life in Twin Falls, ID.

  3. Nate

    p.s. While working in the local hospital in Twin Falls I did see a few base jumpers come in with serious injuries. I never told my wife all the details because I secretly fantasized of making the jump myself someday. I have to say though, the majority I was aware of were related to jumpers adding various tricks and stunts into their jump. I was so excited to see that Greg made the jump!


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