Now before you say, "Woah Nelly, hold on one minute. I like my stuff," watch the video below to learn the difference between crap and stuff.  There is a difference, and Adam Baker from ManvsDebt.com explains it.

He tells the story of how he and his wife eliminated consumer debt, sold their crap, backpacked Australia and New Zealand, built a website that produces an income, and did an RV Tour of the U.S.

Greg and Adam also discuss how you can gain more freedom in your life, and what you can do TODAY to begin living the life of your dreams.

Watch now!

Click here if you can't view the video, or watch it on YouTube.




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  1. Julie

    Love your blog! It would be great if you could condense your videos to 2 minutes or less. I’m certain you could get the point across and do it powerfully in less time. Keep the inspiration coming!

  2. Michael

    Love what you’re doing. I gave almost everything away in 2003 and have never been happier. I learned that I need or want very little through ultralight backpacking. My dream? Not a big step actually, to get an RV like Glenn in his “To Simplify” blog and pretty much what he’s doing.
    I can afford the RV no problem, I just need to shift more time to using my Motion Graphics website for getting clients:
    and selling more fine art which you can see on my blog.
    Seems attainable for me, I’m just waiting to fulfill a family obligation which should be complete in a year or so.
    Thanks for providing an excellent example for larger families and what they can do. : )
    God Bless

  3. RaNae

    Fabulous! You have me dreaming and moving….and repeating the process over and over! Thank you. 😉

  4. Heidi

    Loved every minute of that video! It’s awesome hearing from two people that ARE without a doubt living their dreams and passions. Good question at the end. We have a huge goal to accomplish in the next two months so it kind of put a fire under me. We have a few “next steps” that need to be done within the next couple weeks.

    Thanks Greg and Adam for your awesome inspiration!

  5. Melissa

    My next step is to sell all my “crap”. We are moving toward road schooling and living in a RV pulled behind a 15 passenger van that runs on CNG (compressed natural gas)
    Step one was to sell our small van, then buy the CNG van, we added a bigger fuel tank, now we are starting to sell things like my husbands Mustang, and all the “crap” in our house. Then we will sell or rent the house and move into the trailer.

    Hope to see you all on the road sometime.


  6. Chris Palmer

    I sure like my stuff! Really starting to rethink this part of my life. Love this very easy to follow conversation and video. Thanks Rach!

  7. Christina

    Rachel & Greg,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For being such an inspiration to my husband and I!!
    Our journey all started in July of 2010 by wanting to become debt free. We have since radically transformed our financial life and have become debt free with the help of Dave Ramsey. (We paid off $77,000 of debt)
    On the day we were moving out of our house we sold I started the process of looking for inspiration/resources to begin the process of simplifying our life. Basically, I had an epiphany as I looked at all the stuff/crap we had in that garage to move. I was actually embarrassed that we/I had accumulated that much stuff! That was the day I found Man Vs. Debt and through his blog I found yours! I follow both daily. Last night my husband and I watched the video of Greg and Adam…it was an ah ha moment for my husband and many points deeply resonated with me. We are now both moving forward on the same page. Just like Dave Ramsey helped us to do! We currently have 40+ ads on Craigslist and are selling off our stuff piece by piece AND it feels wonderfully liberating! We no longer want to be mindless consumers with material bondage! We are reclaiming our freedom!!! THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING US. We are truly grateful.
    John and Christina St. Paul, MN

    • Rachel


      I love hearing these kind of stories. It so great to hear about others who are taking charge of their lives – becoming conscious instead of mindless. I’m so grateful that you shared this with me. Keep it up!

  8. Steve Cook

    Hi Rachel and Greg,

    I really love what you are doing and this interview with Adam. We’re certainly out there trying to spread the same message. I’m really looking forward to helping you get the word out there.



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