Sun streams through the window of the shell on our long bed truck. My legs are cramped without enough space to adequately stretch them out.

I attempt to sit up (not enough clearance) and crawl out, without waking baby and other sleeping kidlets, so I can make a mad dash to the restroom in Walmart.

My Mother's Day Flowers

It's Sunday morning, Mother's Day, and we spent the night here in Bellingham, Washington, along with a slough of RVer's who thought it was a good place to sleepover.

I use the facilities inside to do my morning 'get ready' routine, and dress for church.

Returning to the truck, everyone is awake and needs a potty break themselves. We make several trips in and out preparing for the day.

A woman in a neighboring RV sees us getting clothed in our Sunday attire and stops by to invite us to her church. We have already made prior plans, but we thank her for her kindness, and Greg and she chat for a little while. She is fascinated by our story.

A few minutes later her daughter comes over and brings me a bouquet of flowers to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. What thoughtfulness. She shares some of the travel experiences that she and her husband have had.

After church we drive toward Seattle where we arranged to meet up with our online friends, Sean and Heidi Marshall from

Enthusiastically welcoming us into their home, we spend an enjoyable evening conversing, laughing and playing games.

The next morning they take us out to explore Seattle:

Streets of Seattle

Pike Place Elevator

City meets the coast

Name says it all

Walking through the market


Double yummy!

Sample anyone?

I'm loving all this fresh produce


This was actually a giant piggy bank - collecting donations?

The famous Pike Place Fish Company

I tried to capture them throwing fish, but they would only do it if someone bought a fish. I couldn't fathom the idea when they were charging $12 a pound for halibut. We had all you could eat all year in Alaska for FREE.

The downstairs of the market had some interesting shops

A 'cool' fish, just chillin'

The cityscape from the pier

The pier

I couldn't decide which shot I liked better. What do you think?

Waiting for the pigeons to eat their crumbs

I guess they got tired waiting...

After Seattle we drove to see Snoqualmie Falls

A fun day with Thanks guys!

Have you visited Seattle? What is your favorite place or experience?



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4 Responses

  1. Karen

    About the Pier shots, I prefer the second one.

    Our little guys love the chillin’ fish.
    Reminds me of a story of a fella who lost his sunglasses while out fishing. He prayed, believing for a miracle. Unbelievably, later that day they pulled in a fish wearing a new pair of sunglasses!!

  2. ElleX

    I have been to Seattle twice (I had friends that lived there)! I enjoyed Pike Place Market (great Smoked Alaskan Salmon), Snoqualmie Falls, the Space Needle, Lake Washington, and Chateau Ste. Michelle (winery with beautiful landscapes)! I saw beautiful rainbows and Mt. Rainer from many vantage points. I even rode on the ferry and the floating bridge. Oh, and lastly, beautiful looking and tasting fruits and veggies in Seattle!

    Thanks for posting, your pictures brought back great memories!


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