This horse gets knocked out in preparation for hernia surgery.

This would never happen in the States. It's one of those unexpected experiences that only happen abroad.

We received a dinner invitation to the home of a family who lives on the road between Chapala and Guadalajara.

Their home is sits in a nice, peaceful neighborhood and houses their family of four, plus ample geese and chickens, a dog and two horses.

We were late, and although the table was ready for us to partake, our arrival coincided with the arrival of the vet, who was here to perform a hernia operation on one of the horses.

It didn't stop us from beginning the meal - elote (corn on the cob) with salt and lime, hamburguesas, papas fritas, and watermelon (sandia).

By the time we finished eating, the vet had anesthetized the horse (who was now belly up on the ground) and we were just in time to watch the show.

Parker was extremely fascinated, and stood staring throughout the entire surgery. Kyah, who for years has stated her intention to be a doctor, vehemently declared she would do no such thing!

I just wondered in amazement at this adventure in education. This would never happen in a room with four walls. Or could you imagine me saying to Parker, "Today for school we're going to learn about performing surgery on a horse." Boring!!

These are the world-schooling experiences that you can never get in a classroom, but it's where the interest lies, and is how lasting learning takes place - up close and personal.

Added to our evening was enjoyable conversation (for the adults, in Spanish of course) and lots of fun with baby chickens (for the kids).

I love traveling!

The grandpa, and great grandpa of our host.

My own gringo in a sombrero

Watch the video below (click here if you can't see it):



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  1. Suzi

    Wow – that opening photo is amazing! And you’re right, no classroom could ever provide that experience for your kids – fantastic!


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