Philanthropic work is a priority to us. We want to participate in it as much as possible along our entire expedition.

Our participation began with a visit to our first orphanage (on this journey) that is located in Chapala, Mexico.

As orphanages go, this one had a nice handle on things. Yes, there are still plenty of needs, but the children had good food to eat, beds to sleep in, clothes to wear, even a library and computer lab, and lots of visitors from local expats.

The children here have either been abused by their parents, and so placed here by the government, or they have been dropped off by parents who are unwilling or unable to care for them.

We spent a Saturday afternoon there, playing games and just hanging out. Our kids made new friends, and we learned more about the volunteers and workers who live there.

The orphanage was started by a woman who saw a need and began fulfilling it. One day, when she realized that there were over 100 people in her house, she knew it was time to expand. She was able to procure the funding to build the campus that we visited.

Her family and others help her in this work. They are not paid. They live on the campus and cook and care for the children in exchange for room and board.

Greg spoke to one of the house mothers. She told how she had come to live there, and was given care of 25 children.

"It was very hard. I thought I would go crazy. I prayed to God and said that if he wanted me stay here, then he would need to give me fewer children.

Instead he sent me more. I prayed again, and again he sent me more. So I stopped praying for fewer children, and started praying for more strength.

It is very hard work, but it is good."

I spoke to a temporary volunteer who is overseeing the implementation of some new policies and programs. I asked her what the biggest needs were.

"I would like to be able to find a way to give these workers at least one day off a week. Right now they work 7 days a week with no pay, and only get a few hours Sunday afternoon to themselves. Even then, they have no money to go anywhere or do anything."

If you are interested in visiting, volunteering or helping Amor in Accion, you can contact them here.

Watch the video of our games below the photos:

This food was soooo good. Fish tacos!

They had a nice library and a computer lab - though they need help with how to effectively use the lab. Right now the kids just play games. That's something they are working on.

Have you visited this orphanage?



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8 Responses

  1. Marie

    What a beautiful orphanage! There’s nothing like having a family life, but it is good to see these kids getting the next best thing:)

  2. Amy

    We’ve considered this … but wondered with volunteering how hard it is to find places that are suitable for taking a family? Is the accommodation suitable for kids, too?

    • Rachel


      We didn’t stay at the orphanage (this time). We were staying with friends in Chapala, and just did a day trip to the orphanage. We have made some arrangements to stay at some orphanages, so we’ll let you know how that goes.

  3. Jarrad

    What a great education for your children! I love the idea that they can see how lucky they are, at the same time as helping someone less fortunate.

  4. Mariza

    Are these children available for adoption? I understand that the law in Mexico doesn’t allow the children to be adopted unless there’s a release signed by the parents. Is this the case with these children? Please let me know!

    • Rachel


      Unfortunately none of these children are available for adoption. You’re right about Mexican law, a release has to be signed by the both parents in order for an adoption to take place. The parents of these children have the right to come back and claim them at anytime, or not…

      • Mariza

        I have a friend in Monterrey, Mexico who is trying to change this law. To make it more like in China where if the parents don’t claim the children after a certain amount of time, they become available for adoption.
        Thanks for this post! It’s making me think! The wheels are turning!!!

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