These little ladies came to wish us farewell... and even shed a tear. I was so touched.

It always happens this way.

We knew it was going to happen sometime. We thought it would have happened a lot sooner than it did. When we arrived in Panajachel in February 2012, we never imagined we'd be in Guatemala for a year and a half.

"A few months, at most," is what we thought. We never dreamed we'd buy land and start an organization teaching self-reliance to the indigenous people.

Despite all those good things, I mentioned recently how I've felt discontent with life... not in a bad way, just in a 'I want to do more, be more, achieve more' sort of way.

Discontent isn't always bad. It leads to dreaming, which results in action.

In reality, I was prepared to stay put at the Homestead until after the baby was born (in February '14).

I was 'comfortable' (I also mentioned that before). I'd returned from a recent trip to the States with my baby clothes and my slow cooker, prepared to do some nesting for the 'winter'.

But then something happened...

It's interesting, the dichotomy of feelings you can experience... a desire to travel and expand, contrasted with the love of comfort. Discontent for what you have diverging with your acceptance of what is.

Just when I'd finally said to God and myself, "Okay, I'll stay here for awhile longer. Yes, I'd love to see Ecuador or Peru or Thailand or anywhere different after a year and a half... but for now, I'll stay here and enjoy it until maybe after the baby's born..."

It was just at that moment that He said, "Okay, it's time to go."

"Really? Now? It's not really good timing, is it? Okay, I guess we'll go."

And so we did.


One of our last meals at the Homestead -- we ate our pig, Wilbur

Packing up, organizing and storing any stuff we weren't taking (I did  bring the crock pot), on October 31, 2013 we hit the road again, after one year and eight months in this country, this time to leave Guatemala... for good?

Our intention is to head to the beach in El Salvador, find a nice little place to rent for a month or two, until heading further south to Nicaragua, and then Costa Rica (where we might have the baby?)

What about The Homestead? What about our humanitarian project? Our long term plan had always been to set it up, then continue traveling. It's been left in good hands where it will continue to grow and flourish, and we'll still be sharing it's success with you here on my site.


Before leaving Guatemala for good, we did some 'tourist' stuff, like:

It was so great! Many times, Greg and I looked at each other and said, "Isn't it nice to be 'out' again?" (even if we did get kicked out by the Guatemalan police.)

After Antigua, we continued south toward the Guatemala/El Salvador border, music blaring on the speakers, windows down, wind blowing through our hair, alive and exhilarated to be 'on the road again'.

Life is good, and travel is awesome!

Little did we know the inevitable challenges that lie ahead...



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9 Responses

    • Rachel Denning

      Ha ha! We always sing this when we back ‘on the road again’… learned it from my dad.

  1. familyonbikes

    But what happened? Why are you heading on? It would have made sense to wait in Guate for the baby, no?

    • Rachel Denning

      Well, I was never really sure if we would have the baby in Guatemala, at least where we were… I didn’t feel comfortable doing a home birth at the Homestead (too remote, and plus we were house-mates with friends, our now ‘Managing Directors’ of the project.) We were always considering either Guatemala City, Antigua, or Costa Rica.
      It was just time to move on… we’d been there to long, and we’d been ‘roomies’ with our friends longer than we’d all planned on 😉 One of us decided to go, and since that was always our long term plan, we decided it would be us. 😉

  2. mytreasuredcreations

    And she is back! Rachel is writing again and leaving us hanging, waiting for the next adventurous chapter! You go, brave one!!! May God’s love protect you guys and overflow your lives! 🙂

  3. Ryan Terry

    Enjoyed the story! I’m sure at the time you didn’t enjoy it! Love You All!


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