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It's been kind of quiet around here (on my blog, I mean. Is it ever quiet in our family???). We're settled in nice and cozy to a regular routine. Renting out a cute little house in Panajachel, a city situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan, life has become pretty, well... normal.

Rising early in the morning, Greg and I study and write, and maybe do some yoga before our youngest wakes up (he's become an early bird). Then we usually follow this routine:

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  • prepare breakfast
  • eat breakfast with the kids (and do a morning devotional)
  • Mom and the kids clean up and do chores (bathroom, bedrooms, sweeping, dishes, etc.)
  • Dad goes to work - writing, recoroding and coaching
  • Mom and the kids read stories (currently Wizard of Oz), and eat popcorn, of course
  • Mom and the kids read other books (like the Living World Encyclopedia, or the Children's Encyclopedia)
  • Then we do an activity together - a craft, some art, a science project, something like that
  • By now we're hungry again and it's lunch time
  • After lunch it's quiet time - Atlas takes a nap, the kids play quietly and I get to get some things done, like working on my new Facebook page, or finishing up our book (which is almost done by the way. We'll be releasing the free version today or tomorrow!)
  • In the afternoon and evening we do errands, shop at the markets or pacas, visit with friends, do some reading for our personal education, or work on other projects around the house and in the yard


That's our day. Mas o menos, that's how we've spent the last five months here in Guatemala.

Yes. It's been FIVE months, can you believe it?

We came for a visit, and here we are still. We love it that much.

Plus we have some other goals we're working on, like building our businesses and focusing on the kids education.

Sometimes it's nice to take a 'breather.'

When we got to Guatemala we'd been on the road for 10 months. It had been a wonderful, exhilarating, frustrating adventure - exploring ruins; swimming in tropical rivers and waterfalls; camping on beaches; eating coconuts on balmy islands; celebrating local holidays; observing monarch migrations and lots of other thrills.

But sometimes, you just have to slow down for awhile. For everything there is a time and a season, and this has been the season of our 'travel breather'.

Oh, we've still had plenty of fun while we've been here. We took a trip to the beach (and busted a rented surf board).

We visited Antigua for Semana Santa (and broke down on the way).

(For awhile there, we felt like forces were conspiring to keep us in Pana. Or maybe it was our friends... Sabotage? You know who you are...)

We've gone hiking. We've installed smoke-reducing stoves and made tortillas.

We've admired the heartiness of the Guatemalan people.

We've planted gardens and visited orphanages (and thought about adopting a baby), and spent ample time with very good friends.

We've also recorded a lot of video responses to your questions.

We've been busy. Very busy. We've just been in one place. And haven't 'gotten out' much. For us, that's unusual.

It's been nice. But we're also starting to get a little 'stir crazy'. Or as Greg calls it - ADD (Adventure Deficit Disorder).

Last weeks excursion was like a dose of medicine. (But not quite the cure.)

We had lots of fun. (Here's the photos)

But now what? Where to from here?

How much longer will we be in Pana? When will we start traveling again?

Well... we don't know.

We've been thinking about some things. Considering options and possibilities. And as soon as WE know, we'll let YOU know. 😉

Until then, stay tuned...



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2 Responses

  1. A King's Life - Digital Nomad Family

    We were wondering when the adventure bug would swoop you up again to be on the move. You’ve been wonderfully busy creating a great foundation to enjoy the rest of your travels on though. Great, great, great job!
    So beautifully done, Rachel. Really.

    I’m sure you have discovered that being in Pana for 5 months that it feel different than just staying put for a few weeks at a time. I think slow travel gives us the opportunity to peel back the layers of a place and really start to feel and live with it.
    Where ever you go…we’re looking forward to the adventure!

    • Rachel

      You’re absolutely right. It’s a completely different experience staying in a place for awhile. And I think it’s really good for the kids, to ‘live’ someplace for a time, instead of always just passing through 😉


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