Hmmm... where would our kids want to go?

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Question: If the Planning of Your Next Trip Were Left Up to Your Kids, Where Would They Go, and How Would They Get There?

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That's a REALLY good question!

Hmmm..... what will they say?

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4 Responses

  1. Camella

    My favorite video in this series! Thanks for letting us hear from your sweet kiddos!

  2. Paolo

    hi rachel

    its really great what you guys are doing, Im writing from the Philippines and live in a small island. A lot of people here travel on a “habal habal” thats 4 to 5 people on one motorbike.

    if your kids want to travel the Philippines is a great place to visit since almost everyone can speak English.

    • Rachel

      We would love to go to the Phillippines one day. We’ve heard great things about it. My sister was there not too long ago. She’s living in Thailand right now.


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