It's been a crazy week - head colds; fevers; truck wouldn't start; crazy drive through thick fog; beach trip; busted surf board (a rented board); sick husband; late night return home; malfunctioning transmission; late night rescue by friends and a great mechanic (I'll be sharing this story next week).

For now, I'm tired, and I'm busy finishing up an article for BootsnAll, as well as working on my free book that I'll be releasing soon. So I'm just going to post photos from our hike with our 'trail running' friends last week, and let them tell the '1,000 words'.


So, how did you like it?



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  1. Carol Kaatz

    Love it…what’s the explanation of the water caught in mid-air? That’s cool! Love all their colorful outfits…I guess there are no rules about colors or patterns that clash?! haha! It’s awesome…thanks for sharing. Hope you can call this week!

    • Rachel

      I think you’re referring to the guy who’s watering the onions with a bowl. They have irrigation ditches that they’ve created, but they still splash water on the onions like that. Love ya

  2. Jen

    Beautiful! The amount of nature those local children are experiencing is mind-boggling to the average American! Every lifestyle has pros and cons, that’s for sure!

  3. Sonia

    Just LoVe the way your family is always there, with you. What a fabulous experience for everyone.
    Brilliant photo essay … keep the stories coming.

  4. Pat

    I just came across your blog searching google for living on the road (currently working to pay off my student loans and buy a new vehicle and get a fund saved up to start my own road trip).

    Some very interesting posts and very informative. I really like these pictures, they remind me a lot of the January I spent in Madagascar a few years ago. They use the same type of farming and the mountainous regions look almost exactly the same. Hope you’re enjoying your trip as much as I enjoyed mine (and will hopefully enjoy my future trip(s)).


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