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Christmas in Pana 2012 - 21Last year (2011) for Christmas we were at Laguna Bacalar, Mexico.

"I wonder where in the world we'll be next year for Christmas," we postulated. Costa Rica, Panama, maybe even as far as Colombia?

Never did we imagine that we'd be 'next door' in Guatemala -- after almost an entire year.

But that's the way it goes with us... you never know where our travels will (or won't) take us.

(Where will we be next year -- 2013? Make a guess in the comments below).

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Where ever we are in the world, it's home. This year, home was Panajachel, Guatemala.

In 2011, we were almost homeless for the holidays, but then miraculously made it to Laguna Bacalar, Mexico.

This year, we had quite a festive time, with many other traveling families to join us in our celebrations (during our Christmas dinner there was 21 kids and 9 adults!)

Christmas Eve we did a tradition that comes from my family -- cheese fondue. My mom and dad used to do it every year, and Greg heartily adopted it once we were married. We've done it almost every year since, no matter where in the world we are.

This year I adapted the recipe, because I didn't have any Cream of Mushroom Soup or sour cream. I thought it turned out great... but Greg prefers my mother's recipe. 😉

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 10

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 18

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 13

The funniest thing was when Tamika asked, "Aaliyah, who's your birth mother?"

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 15

Kyah looks like she's asleep already

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 16

This is something we usually don't do -- chocolate fondue! (Greg doesn't do sweets, but this year I had allies to support my chocolate cause).

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 19

After dinner, we headed up the street to check out the neighborhood block party.

It include prizes, piñatas, fireworks and really loud music (typical Latin party) 😉

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 21

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 23

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 22

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 27

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 30

Greg contemplating the meaning of chocolate...

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 26

Then we played games until midnight.

In Guatemala, Christmas Eve is the day you celebrate. They open gifts, have parties and eat tamales, then at midnight they light fireworks for half an hour. It was quite a site to behold (and to hear).

One of our friends even got shot by a bottle rocket!!

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 34

If you're reading this in an email, click here to watch the video:


On Christmas Day, the kids opened their presents, then Greg and I spent all morning preparing food -- pies, ham, mashed potatoes...

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 07

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 35

Then off to friends for the feast, more fireworks, and funny grown up games (lots of laughing on my part) 🙂

I was only disappointed that I forgot to get a group shot -- of all 30 of us!!

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 41

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 39

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 42

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 43

Christmas in Pana 2012 - 44

If you're reading this in an email, click here to watch the video of Christmas Day:

How did you celebrate the holidays?



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