Spirits were high as we left Palenque, and headed toward one of our favorite places in the world.

It had been ages since we had been - at least to one where you could walk barefoot without freezing your toes, and get into the water without a full body dry suit to keep you warm. Or to one that turned out to be a lake instead.

We are 'beach people'. We never knew this until we left our sheltered little home in the Rocky Mountains and moved to Costa Rica. Until then, we thought we were mountain people - snowboarding mountain lovers.

And while the mountains are beautiful, and snow can be fun, we realized once we went tropical that we were born in the wrong place. Beach life is the life for us.

Isn't that interesting to consider? What else might you really love to do or enjoy, but you've never tried it before, so you don't know that you love it?

Maybe it's a food, a sport, a location in the world, a language. That's why we love trying new things, and going new places, because we might find a new favorite that we never knew existed.

We took the route that would get us closest to the water fastest, then planned to drive the coast looking for a place to call home for a week or so, to catch up on some writing, make some videos for our course, and relax and enjoy ourselves after a busy past few weeks of sightseeing.

Then we'd continue on to explore some ruins in the Yucatan, before meeting up with our friends who were flying into Cancun to explore with us for a month.

That was our plan.

But, as the saying goes, life is what happens as you're making other plans.

And life definitely happened.

Finding our 'home' was simple enough. We drove to the town of Sabancuy, then took the coastal road. We were only a few kilometers out of town, when we spied the perfect spot.

Hidden from the road, we park alongside an abandoned palapa that was on a stretch of white sand as far as the eye could see to the left and the right, with turquoise blue water stretching out to the horizon.

It was the ideal location.

Drinking coconut water and playing in the sand.

We could barely contain our enthusiasm! This is heaven, we thought. What a great place for repose and creation.

The kids dug in the sand; we beachcombed; gathered seashells and other treasures; ate fresh coconut; and relished in simple beach time pleasures.

The gentle breeze keeps us perfectly comfortable, and holds all bugs at bay.

Ahhhh…this is the life.

We slept like babes, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves, with a full moon as our night light.

Perhaps we wouldn't have slept so soundly, if we'd known what the coming days would hold.

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2 Responses

  1. [email protected] Learning

    I can’t wait to read your next post! Sometimes reading your blog is better than reading a fiction book – incredible stories but they’re true!

    I fell in love with the ocean when we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Most of our trips with our kids have taken us near water, whether a lake or the ocean. I’m so excited about our road trip from Illinois to Maine this summer. We renting a cabin by Acadia National Park.

    I really related to what you said about not knowing how much you might like something until later in life when you’ve tried it. That’s why the most important role as an unschooling mom is for me to bring as many different experiences my kids’ way. It’s an amazing lifestyle for me, too.

    • Rachel

      Ha ha! Strange but true tales…

      I’ve never been to Maine but I would LOVE to go sometime. Have a great trip!

      And I agree with you about introducing experiences. That’s my job too 🙂


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