It seems like ages ago when we were sitting by our wood burning stove in Alaska, goggling at Google Earth and saying,

"I can't wait until we visit Palenque. That's soooo far away."

Now here we were. That far-off day had arrived, (and so had our bank transfer, so we could actually pay to get in).

We weren't disappointed. (Well, maybe just a little bit, but not by the ruins. By the inundation of vendors with a 'very good price, just for us.' When they speak English to you, you know you're in trouble.)

Like star struck fans, we amble in a trance, heads cocked as we gawk at the towering temples.

(Truth be told, our kids did not amble, and they weren't in a trance like state. It was more like, "HEY mom, look over here!" "Dad, look at this tunnel!!")

We climb stairs, explore dark tunnels and tombs, gaze at ancient murals and carvings, exotic waterfalls.

I wonder if the people who lived here ever thought that one day their magnificent city would be nothing more than a tourist attraction.

Did they realize that one day their life would be over, having passed by as if it were a dream?

I feel like my life is passing by like a dream, and I wonder what legacy I'll leave behind.

While I'm engaged in such pensive thinking, my boys on the other hand seem to hold only one thought in their mind - what trinket can they buy from a vendor?

Parker diligently asks the price on every item of interest - "Cuanto cuesta?" - hoping beyond hope that something will be 1 peso.

Since that strategy doesn't work, he begs, and begs and begs mom and dad to buy something for him, until I I exclaim with disgust,

"Were in this incredible historical place, and all you can think about is buying junk?!"



Have you been to Palenque?



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  1. Alicia

    I visited Palenque in 2011 and I loved it! Hope you visited Misol-Ha and Agua Azul as well… although Agua Azul (Blue Water) won’t be very azul until summer… . Wish you a great time!


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