Wow! I'm so impressed with myself. I told you that I stayed up the whole night the night before last.

Well, I was awake the entire day, and felt great! I focused a lot on my website, and I was really into my projects - it was like being plugged into an energy source that sent little vitality robots coursing through my veins.

(Okay, I confess, I did start to nod off at my computer once, but 'mom duties' quickly brought me back from dreamland.)

My goal is to get 'caught up' with my blogging, so each day I'm simply writing about what happened that day or the day before. Then I can share my gypsy experiences with you 'Live'.

Would that be interesting?

Have you experienced the power of focusing on something so intensely that sleeping, eating and other activities lose their interest or importance. When have you felt like that?

I read a book about it once, called The Power of Focus.

It's what people are talking about when they say your 'work' is your 'play' - you're doing what you love.

I even laid down with baby Atlas so he could take a nap, but my focus was so set on working, and I was so eager to do it, I didn't even doze off.

(He's so cute when he wants to go to sleep, he loves holding my hand. If he can't find it, he fusses and squirms until he locates my fingers, then holds on tight and drifts into dreamland.)

I also felt good about myself today, because I wasn't so into my projects that I neglected my children.

I fed them when they were hungry, I soothed owies and bruised feelings, and I didn't get upset with their interruptions. Way to go Rachel!

The kids had lots of fun playing in the hose, and of course with grandma's endless selection of toys. They also went across the street to play with some friends.

The younger two came home because they were hot, and then played so nicely together. I love it when they do that, it's so pleasurable.

Ki used his mad negotiating skills to convince me to let them have some ice cream if they ate their chili for lunch (which they did, and which I did - yes honey, I let them have some. And I had some too. I have a weakness...)

That evening, I finally unplugged from my projects - we went to visit some friends - and without the 'computer juice', exhaustion quickly overtook me. Soon I was snoozing on their couch while the kids played in a torrent of toys, and daddy helped build a fence to protect turkey chicks from Mr. Fox.




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  1. Jacob

    I definitely know what you mean about being locked into something such that the volume of everything else gets turned way down. It is a remarkable feeling. I’m a computer programmer, and sometimes I have that feeling when tackling a project or portion of it. All my regular routines are put on pause while I am in this state of focus.

    PS> The picture of your baby dosing off while grabbing your fingers is adorable…good luck playing catch up!


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