Isn't he so sweet?

I stayed awake all night last night. The whole night.

The only time I 'went' to bed, was when the baby woke up crying (which was a lot).

Twice he wanted to nurse, and twice he just wanted to know where I was, I think.

Which is kinda cute. I guess. Yes, it is cute, considering that he is my fifth and very likely, perhaps, maybe, my last baby.

'Bed', by the way, is a futon in a room at my mother-in-laws house. 'Bed' for daddy is one of the couches. Ki, Ky and Pa are on the other couches, and Aa is in the bed with the baby.

I was awake the whole night working on my website. I made some aesthetic changes (did you notice?). I like working on my website. Maybe too much sometimes.

Then I'll work on it a lot, and feel bad that I'm neglecting education time with the kids.

But then the opposite will occur. I'll really focus on education for awhile, and think, "Oh gosh, I really need to work on my website."

I like a quote I heard at the Power of Moms Retreat I went to last week -

"Balance is neglecting everything just a little bit."

I guess my balance last night was neglecting my sleep. So my website will get neglected today. That's ok.

That little baby sure does wake up a lot at night though. I'd let him cry, but he'll wake up my mother-in-law. Plus he's really cute and I don't like him to cry.

Oh, Aa said something so cute last night. She took a bath and afterward told me, "Mom, I put that purple stuff in my hair so that it won't get snotty."

Translation - She put conditioner (from a purple bottle) in her hair so it wouldn't get snarly. 🙂

What have you neglected today, in order to accomplish something else?



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  1. Becky

    I like that quote, I feel like I am always trying to do that, neglect everything to the same degree so at least it is all evenly neglected! Except the kids I guess, they complain more about being neglected than the laundry does!

  2. Audra

    I need to take that quote to heart. I end up trying to get everything done, and meet every need of everyone else which in turn means I’m not only imbalanced, I’m just completely out of whack and neglect my own needs. :o/

  3. Kayla

    With you and about 20 mins. south in Saratoga Springs 🙂 Neglecting a few things around the house to get a jump on developing my website, setting up mail chimp, etc. Five kids keep me running so I completely understand the sleepless nights to get ahead! Love the quote – thank you!


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