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In the Andes

What does it take to make an 'impossible' dream come true?

A dream so BIG that it hardly seems likely it could happen...

Like riding your bike from Alaska to Argentina -- and doing it with two young boys (who then receive the Guinness Book of World Record) -- over a period of three years (I interviewed them previously, you can read it here).

How could you accomplish something like that? How would you pay for it?

The Vogel family is definitely an example of 'living the dream'. They made the 'impossible' a reality. So how did they make it happen?

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Greg interviewed Nancy Vogel last week and asked her how they created the funding for their travel adventures (this isn't the first amazing experience they've had... they've also cycled the U.S., and lived abroad).

She shares information about how their teaching careers helped them to get international teaching positions, which in turn helped them save, invest in real estate, and use their rental income to finance their long term trip from Alaska to Argentina.

Nancy also gives great advice on the key to creating funding for a dream -- learning to think outside the box.

Watch a preview of her interview below:


You can follow Family On Bikes on their family travel blog, and make sure to watch her full length interview.

What would you ask Nancy if you could sit down with her?



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