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It's October.

And at Lake Atitlan that means that rainy season is over and winter is arriving, although it feels like summer, not that there's no more rain (just when it's starting to get snow back in Alaska where we were 2 years ago.)

Do you know what winter/summer means in Panajachel? It means wind, and flying kites.

I didn't know this until my hubby and I took a trip to the market together (we can do this since our maid is at home with the kids.)

While we shopped for apples and dog food, I saw the vendor selling kites, and I had a very romantic notion of buying one to fly with my kids.

Then all at once, I had this vision of how amazing my children's life is - that their memories from childhood will include things like flying kites in Guatemala beneath cascading waterfalls descending from rainforest carpeted hills, and in the shelter of towering volcanoes. That's pretty cool.

So, we bought one. I persuaded my husband.

Then we took it to the washed out river bank behind our house.

Our little kite flew well.

This one... not so well. (sorry Josh).

We weren't the only ones out flying kites. The locals had really cool ones that were homemade.

Some kites suffered a horrible fate. [message type="custom" width="100%" start_color="#FFFFFF" end_color="#FBF8FF" border ="non" color=""]Do you 'Like' Discover Share Inspire?


Kites flying high above the volcano.

Heading home across the river bed. I think they're both texting on their phones...

We had a good time. 🙂

Have you flown kites lately?



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3 Responses

  1. travelmomma (Sj)

    This post made me smile. 😀 I love too that our children have amazing memories. As they get older, (our oldest just turned 13) it’s especially fun to hear them tell rememberance stories.”Remember the time we….”
    They say they know how amazing their lives are but, I am thinking they can not realy KNOW until they are full-fledged adults trying to create thier own life of adventures. I love too how simple a day of kite flying becomes amazing when you add the travel dimension. Keep going making memories!!!

    • Rachel

      Absolutely right – they won’t really know until they are older… and travel seems to make regular things just a little more special 🙂


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