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He skied for 51 days last season. Fifty-one days!

Their family spent almost as many days during the summer at the beach on the shores of Lake Tahoe (where they live, because they want to.)

He laughed when the CFO of Netflix shared a ski lift with him and told Clark, "You live here? Boy, I wish I could figure out a way to live in Tahoe."

(Clark responded saying, "Well, I can teach you how, but you might not like it.")

How can Clark Vandeventer from FamilyTrek.org ski 51 days a year, live in Lake Tahoe, spend all day nearly everyday with his family and take six weeks to travel Central America with his wife and two kids ?

Naturally, this freedom is best accomplished WITHOUT a job, so how does he make it happen?

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That's the question we asked (and we got answers, which we'll share), when we spent a couple of days with them recently on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

We took a boat ride together to San Marcos. We walked around the town a bit...

This is really what family travel is all about

We hiked down toward the lakeshore...

A real man

 Then some of us jumped the 'trampoline'...

Parker Denning (8) was the first to jump

My adventure junkie husband

Kyah Denning (10)

Clark Vandeventer

Jackson Vandeventer (5)

Emery Vandeventer (3) did a belly flop. Ouch!

Adventure partners

Greg sat down to get some answers from Clark. Here's a short preview of their conversation:


They talked about priorities, getting your significant other on board, overcoming failure after failure after failure, creating life the way you want it to be, and finding a way to fund it all using a method Clark calls 'Patchwork Income' (the full interview will be available here.)

We were impressed by their story and inspired by another family who chooses to create a ridiculously awesome life instead of acquiescing to the status pro, and we know you will be too!

Watching their interview will help you define your own priorities, more clearly discover what you really want, and spark creative ideas for finding your own 'patchwork' funds.

You can follow FamilyTrek on their family travel blog, and make sure to check out their full length interview as soon as it's released.

What would you ask FamilyTrek if you could sit down with them?



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