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Question: What About Travel Logistics? Do you plan your itinerary or just follow your heart? How do you remain as safe as possible? Do you book lodging before you arrive? What about not knowing the language, can you get by? How much do I pack, and what luggage do I use? What about internet and phone service?

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Traveling to a place you have never been before can leave you with a lot of questions - how will you stay safe? How will you get by (if you don't know the language)? How will you stay connected?

In this video we address the answers to those questions and more.


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13 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    Hi Rachel, Thanks for the video. Can you offer any advice on how you handle daily cleanliness of the children including feminine hygiene? I’m planning on using lots of baby wipes but i wondered if you had a better idea. Also, what works well for doing laundry? How do you pass the time while you’re waiting on the laundry to finish -at a laundromat, for example?…PS we’re leaving in 10 days. Yay!!!!!!

    • Rachel

      Hi Stephanie,

      I would say baby wipes are a very big help. I’m not sure how you are traveling, but another thing that made a big difference is when we remodeled and put a sink and faucet in the back of the truck. Then we had the ability to wash hands etc.

      Another thing I wanted to try, but never did, was getting a pressurized fertilizer or bug sprayer (probably at Walmart), and filling it with water. Then you pump it, and can have a pressurized spray to clean off hands, feet, etc.

      As for laundry – often there would be showers with the laundromat, so we’d do that while waiting…or we would just wait, read a book, or do shopping at a store near by.

      Have fun! Where are you headed?

      • Stephanie

        Thanks Rachel, that was helpful. My husband installed a water tank with an electric pump. So we’ll be able to use that sparingly.

        We are traveling from Tennessee to Oregon on mostly unpaved roads. So we’ll be going days at a time without hitting big cities with laundromat/showers, etc. I’m trying to prepare the family for self-sufficiency as long as possible.

    • Karen

      @Stephanie: As for feminine hygiene, I’d think something like a diva cup would be most economical, clean, environmentally & space friendly. Wipes would work with that if you didn’t trust the local water.

  2. Andy

    Are there any particular products you recommend for learning Spanish? My wife and I have been meaning to learn and I figure it would be a good use of my time commuting (1.5 hours on the train every day).

    • Rachel

      We haven’t really used any products – just focused on vocabulary and conjugation (which this book is very helpful with), and then reading books out loud in Spanish is also a very big help. Anything will do. I’m reading Mujercitas (Little Women) and La Telerana de Carlota (Charlotte’s Web). That helps you to figure out sentence structure, practice pronunciation, etc.

  3. tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    This video reminded me of my travels as a missionary. Made me think of what would it be like to do the same as a family. WOW! What an adventure! I want to jump! 🙂 Got to get rid of the stuff weighing us down.

    question: how do you homeschool the kids? Do you do any desk work like penmanship, worksheets? And if so, do you carry those with you or print them from a website? We mostly unschool and do lots of hands on projects and reading and field activities, but I was wondering how do you do it.

    thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    • Rachel

      It is an awesome adventure, we love it.

      As for school, we try and make our children’s education as applicable to real life as possible. We don’t do worksheets and things like that, but we do write – journals, shopping lists, letters, things like that. We read aloud every day, and do reading practice. We work on developing talents – ukulele, singing, art. While they’re young especially, we focus on learning to work (daily chores and service projects), and character development – making good choices.

  4. Jesse Pedro

    There are many things to learn for me. Actually I’m trying to realize it. Thanks for your nice video.

  5. Pershy

    Made me think of what would it be like to do the same as a family. Thanks that you’ve shared.

  6. Morgan Begum

    Traveling from other places need a plan in order to avoid problem and delays, and you help me to make travel plans effective. Thanks much for sharing.


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