Kicking and screaming all the way

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Question: (Rachel) Did You Go Kicking & Screaming into This Lifestyle, or Did You Just Acquiesce to Your Husband?

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I do love our lifestyle, but was it always like that? Did I originally go kicking and screaming when we had to give up our million dollar mansion, model home furniture and all the luxuries?

Who was the instigator of our current lifestyle?

The answer might surprise you...


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4 Responses

  1. Karen

    Rachel, I soooo agree about being on the same page. Dh and I also read the same books….not all the same, but quite a few. We actually do read a couple books each year aloud together while driving, or over cup of coffee. We read a couple pages, then discuss, and have a great time together doing that. Presently we are reading Linchpin together.

  2. Living Outside of the Box

    I love that you guys are doing these answer videos. And clearly you are the crazy one, Rachel. Haha…just kidding…you’re both perfectly crazy, which is why we love you guys (and can actually relate to you)!!!


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