Is it all worth it?

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Question: Have You Ever Thought About Giving Up? What Don't You Like About Travel?

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We love our life, and we love to travel, but have we ever thought of 'giving up'?

Not everything about travel is sunshine and sandy beaches. There's also sunburns, sand in your shorts, and sickness.

But the same thing can be said about life in general. It's not all a 'bed of roses'.

So while at times the idea of 'giving up' has crossed my mind (Rachel), ultimately we realize that it's as ludicrous as giving up on life just because the water heater goes out, or there's a traffic jam in your commute.

In the end, the 'Exchange Rate' is worth it, at least for us.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Travel - or pursuing your dream - just like life, has obstacles and challenges
  2. Learning to overcome them by developing greater capacities is the goal
  3. Remember the 'Illusion of Control' - in reality, we can't control life, only how we respond to it

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4 Responses

  1. lee

    Your words in the video have just inspired a blog post for me. Problems vs. inconveniences is something people really need to learn to identify more accurately. I like to tell people that just the fact that YOU HAVE THE OPTION of giving up or going home to typical American life (as in your case) means that what is happening to you in the moment is something that you can overcome – if you choose to be a problem solver and not a whiner. Or if you really believe that what you are working towards is worth it. Getting bottled in frustration and anger only chokes off your ability to think creatively and resolve the issue. Thanks for the wisdom.

  2. chantal

    Ha ha ha…Wow, I love you guys, you are such an inspiration.
    May God bless you and your family.



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