There is no graduation from education." ~Greg Denning

Our family is passionate about education. It's one of our highest priorities.

We're constantly reading, and until we got our Kindles, we carted hundreds of books around the world with us on our travels.

Reading has literally changed our lives. We wouldn't be where we are, living the life we are living if it wasn't for the books we've read.

That's why I'm starting this new 'series' - to share the books that are family is reading, and to encourage you to read them for yourselves, (as well as those on our Must Read List)

It's been said that the average person doesn't read a book after their last graduation, and those who do, usually read entertaining fiction.

Excellence requires excellent reading. That's why we choose to read from the best books.

Our approach to education follows the methods of A Thomas Jefferson Education, and so includes a lot of reading, especially of the classics. Besides reading from scripture, we read one or more of these books everyday.

We'd love for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the comment section below. Have you read these books? What did you like about them? What didn't you like?

If you haven't read them, please do, and share what you think.

Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion

Offering specific advice on implementing the Thomas Jefferson Education model, I'm studying this so that I can improve our home education methods.


The Secret Garden

Greg is reading this one to the kids, and they're all enjoying the stories and the principles it teaches. A great classic!

Hans Christian Andersen

We've been study stories by this classic author, including Thumbelina, The Emperors New Clothes, and others.


Stop Stealing Dreams

Not an actual print book, Stop Stealing Dreams is a manifesto written by Seth Godin (author of Linchpin, a must read), about the broken school system, and the need for reformation.

If you care at all about your child's education, then I highly recommend that you read his manifesto. It's absolutely free, and available in a variety of digital formats.

The current [school system], which seeks uniformity and minimum standards, is killing our economy, our culture, and us." Seth Godin


The Power of Intention

A 'new-age' type book written by Wayne Dyer, it addresses connecting to 'Intention' or the Universal Field - the Power and Source of the universe, which created all and is the source of all.

He explains that if we want to manifest the things we want into our lives, then we need to connect to this Power by living, feeling and being like it is - Love, Kindness, Beauty, Truth, etc.

When we are not these things, then we are disconnected from our Source, and cannot create our world to be the way we want it to be.


Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning

I've started reading this one, and it's incredible!

It's a companion volume to A Thomas Jefferson Education, and expands upon the different stages of learning: Core, Love of Learning and Scholar.

Highly recommended!





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9 Responses

  1. Kathryn

    Those are definitely awesome books to read and I hope I can have a copy of some of those books..

  2. rashmi

    I have been trying to find good books to read. Thanks for sharing with us. I would definitely read some of these books.

  3. [email protected] scooter rentals

    I have read “Stop Stealing Dreams” awhile back when I visited your blog the first time. It’s been awhile that I haven’t commented on your blog. I will be checking out these books starting with Thomas Jefferson , I’m intrigue.

  4. Jessica

    I own the TJED books but I feel guilty to say I haven’t read much of them. I’ve read the first TJED education book and loved it and base my homeschooling on that. I go back to it whenever I need more guidance in my homeschooling and it always helps. I have read Secret Garden to the kids and I was much more interested than they were but they were quite young then. My absolute favorite things to read to the kids are fairy tales. Even the really strange ones. I have been reading Brothers Grimm fairy tales to my kids and we love “King Thrushbeard” and so many others! They are a delight! I’ve been reading the Dinotopia books to my kids lately and they can’t get enough! These books are so full of imagination!

  5. Houston Siding

    I read whatever books that come into my hands. I am really thrilled by literature. Thank you for posting this. More power to you and your site!!

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