On a alfombra (carpet) in the streets of Antigua, Guatemala for Semana Santa (Holy Week)

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Question: Will you ever transition back to 'normal' life? What preparations are you making to do so?

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Will we ever go back to a career, a mortgage, maybe send our kids to school?

For us, that's just not 'normal' 🙂 We can't see ourselves ever living that life again.

Our focus is on living deliberately. For us, the life that is 'normal' for many people is not the lifestyle we want. Our deliberate lifestyle looks very different.

We do have our own 'normal' that we already do everyday. Here's what it looks like:

  1. Creating value using our gifts and talents (with our Living Deliberately project, through this site, and through GregDenning.com)
  2. Following our daily disciplines that help us to accomplish our long and short term goals
  3. Studying, reading and mentoring our children on a daily basis
  4. Developing our talents, learning new skills, developing new projects

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7 Responses

  1. Chris Palmer

    Love this video! This was a great question that was asked, and I liked that you guys clarified a bit what your schedule is like and that you do ‘normal’ things, although you’re on the road.


  2. Lana

    Thanks, guys. Sharing this video with my friends as you worded this very well!! Obviously I get it. After my first experiencing living abroad, going back and living the normal life was never meant to be! I’m sure there are some people who can drive across a continent for two years and go back to a normal life, but I think those will be few and far between. The world is too big to spend most of it locked up in a box. Amen? lol

    • Rachel

      I do agree with you. For me, I can’t comprehend ‘going back’ – there’s so much lying ahead 🙂

  3. Lana

    Man, hope you guys don’t stay in one country for 10 years. I want to see your updates from South America!

  4. tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    I have learned to never say never! things change!

    I do understand that TODAY you don’t see yourselves going back to what life was like in the past. But you don’t know what the future holds and you might end up doing something that you say you would NEVER do, with a completely different mindset that you have today regarding that possibility. I hope I wasn’t too confusing.

    But yeah, I understand what you are saying: keep looking forward, not wishing for the past!!

    • Rachel

      You’re totally right… never say never.

      BUT, we only feel so certain because we’ve considered going back, and doing that life again. To us it would feel like sticking your hand on a hot stove – twice. Hopefully we learned the first time around not to do that anymore 🙂 (as far as mortgages, debt, and consumerism go, anyway).


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