At home in Panajachel, Guatemala

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Question: Will You Ever Decide to Call a Place Home?

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We've chosen to be 'house-less' on purpose. We love being nomadic - exploring, wandering. We love change and new adventures.

So will we ever 'settle down' and call a place 'home'?

Truly, we believe that where ever we are as a family is 'home'. The places we've stayed, and the houses we rent (like this one in Panajachel) have all been 'home' to us. We've discovered the adage - home is where your heart is - is definitely true.

But will we ever get a house? The answer is: yes. Under the right conditions.

We don't currently own a house in our home country, because we couldn't do both - have a mortgage, with all the insurance and bills, and travel. Having a house that way only became a liability - an anchor - that kept us from traveling. So we chose to travel instead.

When we can purchase land, and build a house that we own free-and-clear - a house that is actually ours and becomes an asset instead of an anchor - we're all for it! It's part of our long-term plan for sovereignty and becoming self-sufficient (critical, we believe, with the uncertainty of today's economies.)

However, for us, it will still just be a 'home base'. A place to have a garden, some chickens and rabbits, our library with our favorite books, to store some of our things - and to come back to after new travel adventures.

Where will that place be? We'll let you know when we find it 😉



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4 Responses

  1. Amy @WorldschoolAdventures

    We have not even left yet on our adventure and this is something we are already considering. I feel a real pull towards having a home base…something with land that I can grow an organic garden and raise chickens. In our perfect world we would do both…travel for six months over the winter and them come home to a garden in the summer and be a part of the amazing community we are a part of here. But the first step is just realizing what the dream is… we wait to find the opportunities to make it happen!

  2. Sellig

    Just heard that you were thirsty…
    Have you tried tamarindo juice (‘fresco’) to quench your thirst?
    Or what about the one called Jamaïca?… it is made with red leaves… of course… both should be drank with ice cubes…

    P.S. I do not know how much you have read or experienced in the latin word… but if you do wish not to have ‘La turista’… one way would be to get use to eat their green chili sauce… It contains a ‘product’ (it’s on the tip of my tongue…) that will literally kill all the ‘viruses’… you may get from eating fruits or meat that you will or have seen hanging out… with flies hovering around it…


    P.S. I agree with you… Why oblide oneself to pay a mortgage for the next 30 years… 🙂

    I always thought that the best home was my ‘soul’… There… i can resist all the storms that life throws at me…

    • Rachel

      LOL. I discovered that mis-edit after publishing, and laughed pretty hard about it with my daughter. Tamarindo and Jamaica are both delicious!

      I try to do the picante sauces, but I’m too much of a wimp 😉

      Love that – the best home is your soul!


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