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Question: How Do You Find Creative Ways to Fund Your Travels?

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We live in a world where there are countless opportunities for creating creative sources of income.

So many opportunities exist for 'location independent' income, if only you will open up your mind to the possibilities.

Finding a way to fund travel means learning to think outside of the 'corporate' world.

Here are some options to consider for funding your travel:

  1. Online businesses are certainly the thing of the future. Study all you can about them.
  2. Consider what your skills and talents are. Can you use them to earn money?
  3. Don't think just one source of income. Trying 'multiple streams' or 'patchwork' income.
  4. Learn more about what it takes to be successful in today's global economy (read Linchpin by Seth Godin)
You can also read, Ways We Earn Money to Fund Our Travel Lifestyle, and our How to Fund Travel Series for a free 3-part video training.

If you're interested in learning more, here's what we recommend:

Cash in a Flash by Robert Allen



Linchpin by Seth Godin



Cash Machine by Loral Langemeier



Multiple Streams of Income and


Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert Allen

virtual assistant

Michelle Dale makes $30k+ as a Virtual Assistant and teaches you how you can too! 



Live Off Your Passion: Getting Paid to Do Work You Love



Build Small Businesses with Chris Guillebeau




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7 Responses

  1. cmichaelsny

    Whether you just want to share your travels or you want to make money from your site, design and content are important for keeping your visitors long enough to view your entire site.

  2. Karen

    Have a library copy of Linchpin on my shelf and will start reading it aloud to dh tomorrow as we have about 4 hours of driving to do. Thanks for the suggested reading, and the encouragement you continue to provide.

  3. Ryan

    We get a lot of backpackers here in Australia who come over for the fruit picking. They pick fruit for a few weeks then travel for a week. They seem to get along pretty good. Sadly with the Australian dollar being so strong it is getting harder for overseas travellers to get here.

  4. Andy

    I think this is one of the biggest hang ups for people trying to break free from the rat race. Developing location-independent income is a challenge, especially for those with limited computer skills.

    Also, I noticed that one of your income-streams is designing websites. Have you considered putting a little ad on your site that says something like “hire Rachel”? You currently really have to dig into the site to figure out that you offer that service. I’m sure many of your readers would like to help you out by referring people in need of web design.

    • Rachel

      I think you’re right Andy. It is a challenge, and can be overwhelming at first.

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll think about it – I don’t know if I’m ready to take on new clients right now, I’ve got so many other projects going 🙂 But I appreciate you sharing the idea.


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