What does a typical day of world-school look like? Here's a small sampling of the things we did and learned today on Ambergris Caye, Belize:

Physical Education/Health & Fitness

"This is a good workout, Mom."

Snack time - healthy eating



Natural history

Marine biology

Observation and appreciation of nature


Measuring, comparing and contrasting - Kimball with his 'water depth' measuring stick

Number values and currency exchange


Plus Pinnochio and Wind in the Willows on our Kindles! (LOVE the Kindles!!)

 Social Studies

Teamwork and problem solving

Communication and interpersonal skills

Don't forget preschool

And of course, character development



Plus so much more, that doesn't have a photo.



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  1. Lisa-Marie

    Love it! I am trying to train my husband to read on my Kindle. I’m telling him it is that so he has something to read when we travel but really it’s so he can take my old one and I can get a new one. It’s the love of my life 🙂

  2. Brenda W. Scott

    These post is truly an example that you cannot learn everything inside a classroom. That the true teacher in life is the real world- the outside world. Thanks for sharing!


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