Don't settle for anything less than passion and profit." - Steve Pavlina

So you're dreaming of traveling the world and wondering how in the heck you're going to finance your adventures?

Why not pay your travel bills by getting paid to do what you love to do?

A pipe dream, you say? Well, why? There's people doing it everyday.

It's still dark outside when I climb out of our roof top tent and down to my 'office' - the front seat of our Ford F250. My children are all sleeping, my husband sits at his 'desk' in the driver seat.

It's work time for us - writing, recording, editing photos and videos - before the kids get up and we're giving our attention to them, and off to some adventure.

Is it hard to get up at 4:00 in the morning?

Sometimes, when it's really cold and the covers are nice and cozy. But for the most part, if we sleep in we really miss out on our opportunity to work - and it's work we love to do.

We love getting up each day - even at 4:00 a.m. - and sharing our thoughts, passions, beliefs and experiences. It's something we're passionate about doing, and that we get paid to do.

We firmly believe that each person has a gift, a talent, a passion that they can share with the world. Not only that, we believe they can get paid for doing it.

What? That's hogwash. I don't think everyone can get paid for their talent or passion. What if your passion is juggling, who's going to pay you for that?

Well, this guy made it happen. He probably gets a very nice salary for doing something he's really good at, and obviously LOVES to do (why else would he practice for all those hours?)

Take anything gift or talent in the world, and you could find a person who has developed it and turned it into a profitable passion - in layman terms, they get paid to do what the love to do.

So why aren't you? You hate your job, you don't like getting up in the morning (let alone at 4:00 a.m.), and you're looking forward to retirement when you can finally have the time and money to travel and do the things you want to do. Why aren't you getting paid now do do  _______ (insert your interest here)?

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Howard Thurman

The world needs people who are filled with enthusiasm and passion about something they love doing, and as a result are really, really good at.

And when someone is really, really good at something, there's usually someone who is willing to pay them to do it. Think Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael Crichton, or Michael J. Fox.

But how do you get really, really good at something so that others will pay you to do it?

Here's four steps to get you there:

1. Practice

This one is so obvious I almost shouldn't mention it, but you'll never get good at anything unless you practice doing it.

"But I don't have time to practice it. I have work/school/obligations, and then my favorite show is on."

Well then, I guess you'll never be good enough to be paid for doing it. Enjoy American Idol though.

2. Do it For Free

Before you'll ever be recognized at being good enough at something that people should pay you for it, you have to be willing to do it for free.

Kind of like practicing, except now you're performing - with no financial compensation.

Want to be a writer? Well, then first you need to do some writing - lots of it - and often for free, before someone will pay you to do it.

"But I don't like writing unless I receive payment for it."

Then it's time to find a new passion - something you would do for free, just for the pure joy of doing it.

3. Blog About It

Blogs are the new resumes. Unless you have a blog or website that displays your work, your expertise, your experience, you really don't have anything.

If you want to write, write on a blog. Not only are you practicing (for free), but you're also creating a history of your work that others can view, when the time comes.

Want to play the guitar, act, or be a public speaker? Then make videos. Post them on YouTube (and on your blog), and you've created credibility.

4. Create a Product or Offer Your Services

So you've practiced and performed for free, and recorded it on your blog. The next step? Offer yourself (or your work) for sale.

Want to perform at local venues? Create a page with your rates, and send people to it. If they need a sampling of your work, it will be available at their fingertips (on your blog).

Ready to score your first paid writing gig? Submit queries with a link to your blog as writing samples.

Or maybe you want to write a book, or an MP3 of your latest songs. Create it, then sell it, all from your site.

Does this whole process seem like a lot of work, and unlikely to ever produce real results?

Look around the web. You'll see that it's the model being followed by individuals all around the world, who are turning their passions into profits, and creating their own location independence.

And yes, perhaps it is a lot of work, but the alternative is that you spend the next 40 years working at jobs you hate, only to retire and then die.

The choice is yours.

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