Since we weren't killed crossing the border, or attacked by drug cartel, we continued further into Northern Mexico, traveling along Highway 10 toward Chihuahua.

Nothing eventful occurred. The roads were nice. Nothing except for scenery and wide open spaces. As evening approached, we found a dirt road headed toward some farms. This became our campsite for the night.

Greg made dinner while I snapped photos of the setting sun and the rising full moon.

In the morning, I was up early enough to catch the setting of the moon, and the rising of the sun.

We stopped to look for veggie, and the littlest girl came looking for a handout. I told her no (we believe giving for begging only encourages more of it).

Instead I asked to take their photos, and gave them each an apple in exchange. Isn't that a great look she gives me as she walks back toward her mom?

This was our lunch that day, purchased from a roadside stand (with a very smelly shop next door, I don't know what it was, but it interfered with my appetite.) This was a gordita the kids ate. Greg and I ate some very spicy burritos that resulted in some unpleasant diarrhea the next day. We were told later it was because of the chilis - if you're not accustomed to you, they can mess with your system.

Camping that night was underneath another full moon, with a beautiful sunrise in the morning.

We haven't had any trouble finding a place to camp. Around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, we start looking for a place to stop. Dirt roads leading to farms or orchards are usually good places (far from cities or large towns).

We'll follow the road until we locate a quiet setting, as far from the main road, and hidden from plain sight if possible.

You can watch our 'reality show' on our YouTube Channel - it shares the experiences from the day.




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