Greg gives a quick recap of our drive through Canada on our road trip from Alaska to Argentina - the scenery, the weather, the beauty.



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  1. Alisa

    The Cassiar Highway was definitely our route of choice during our trips to and from Alaska each summer! I hope you didn’t skip out on Stewart BC/Hyder Alaska…did you?!! That is a jewel!!

      • Alisa

        Well…put it back on the list for the next trip North!! 😉 It’s one of the only places we’ve seen that you can drive ABOVE a glacier and look down. I’ve also heard that they have some wonderful bear-watching during the salmon run (not that we’ve ever had the luck to be crossing through there that time of year)! I know…when you’re that far North that time of year, you just want to boogie down the Cassiar as fast as you can…it is cold!!

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