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Share The unknown...The last couple of weeks I've been very busy with many different projects.

If you didn't already know, I'm currently a contestant in an online 'reality show' on business marketing.

It's been very educational, but also lots of work (and it's another reason we're still in Panajachel instead of on the beach in El Salvador.)

Along with that, I've hired my first virtual assistant (yeah, welcome to Roxy... my sister in Thailand!)

I'm working on re-doing our book -- Living Deliberately: How to Create a Ridiculously Awesome Life (look for that free update in the next few months.)

And a few other things...

But for now, you can view the posts from the last couple of weeks that you may have missed (because I didn't send out an email update):

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Inspire Travel...Because the World's Too Big to Stay in Just One Place

A Travel Manifesto

Why travel? What does it do for us and our family?

Check out this travel manifesto to be inspired.

cardrightAlternatively, you can also click the image to the right for a free version of this in mini travel manifesto in PDF form (it's really cute, you'll like it). No email necessary! However, I'd love for you to leave a comment below.

OR you can view my Pinterest board, and watch the video:


Xocomil - 14How to Help Your Children Overcome Fears and Try New Things

A short video I recorded at Xocomil water park about techniques we use when traveling.


Walking on the beach dominican republicHow to Live a Life of Travel, Even Though You Don't Know How

Definitely something you want to know more about, right?


IMG_9142Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs in Guatemala

A nice little trip we took. You'll definitely want to go here.



Mexico:Guat Border - 01How to Survive the Mexico/Guatemala Border Crossing with Children (Plus One Small Family Travel Confession)


GN_EveryDayPeople_V1_SquareTime’s Running Out — Share Your Dream With Us for a Chance at $5000

The contest I am sharing from Grape Nuts. Wouldn't it be great to win $5000??



Real life 'road school'

Questions About Traveling With Kids; Education and Homeschooling; Cooking on the Road; And More

A question from one of my readers.

Feel free to send me your questions, and I'll do a similar post if I can.

Inspire Education...60 Books to Read Aloud — A List of Classics for Children and Families

A book list we work from for our 'worldschooling' education.


Agua Azul - 02066 of the Most Surreal Places in the World (I’m Adding These to My Life List)

An unbelievable collection of photos from some very cool places in the world. I need to go!!

Well, that's the roundup. Browse one or all, and enjoy.

And I'd love for your comments below!!




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