Anytime we do something fun, our kids invariably comment, "This is the BEST day ever!"

This time, our 'best day ever' was a visit to Guatemala's largest water park - Xocomil (pronounced sho-co-meel).

The kids had earned it through their 'bean jar' (they get beans for good deeds.) We were overdue on our payment.

So when the necessity for a trip to the border came (to renew our vehicle permit), we made the most of an otherwise grueling trip and had a day of fun.

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As we parked our truck in the large parking lot, and walked toward the ticket booth, we were giddy, all wearing a gigantic grin (though I think Greg's was the biggest of all!)

Tickets were Q100 per adults (anyone over 4 ft is considered adult), and Q50 for kids. For our family it cost Q450 (about US$58).

Greg was so excited to get to the rides, he didn't even want me to take this picture, so in my rush, it turned out blurry 😉

The first ride was what the kids later named 'Zoom, Zoom'. It was everyone's favorite. (Except for me. I went on it once, and was so scared I couldn't even make a sound.)

Next was named the 'toilet bowl' (Daddy gave it that name).

 After the 'toilet bowl', Greg and the boys did the 'wedgie maker'...

You can watch how much fun we had on this video:

Then we ran and did the 'red slide'...

As I stood on the platform taking pictures of my family, it was fun to also watch 'strangers' coming down the ride -- everyone of them had a big grin on their face, or was laughing audibly.

How often does that happen? How often do people smile hugely or laugh out loud? How often do we get giddy about life? It should happen more often.

Next was the 'family blue'...

Those rides were so awesome!
Off to the next thing...
The wave pool/kiddie pool...
Then the lazy river...
The snakes nest...
More pools...
My monkeys...
Yeah dad! I missed you so much! You were gone so long on those slides!

Then it's time to go...

What did you think?

We'll be back... after they open up the new slides they're building! (A Denning, Johnson, Jensen, Kelly party in January??)

Before we find a place to camp, we have to stop for food at a roadside comedor.

Mmmm.... makes me hungry (again) just looking at it. All this for only Q15 (US$1.95)

Then we slept out under the stars, with the fireflies and a crescent moon smiling down upon us...

Ahhh, life is good.

Have you visited Xocomil? Would you like to?



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  1. DavidStainberg

    Great picture and very informing. I also thing that the clean home is also something to think about and i found this  that show how to do it easy!

  2. FlashpackerFam

    That looks like such a lot of fun Rachel!!! Think a three year old would be OK on some of those slides? How old was your littlest when you did it?

    • RachelDenning

      @FlashpackerFam There are some height restrictions on some of the rides, but we did take Atlas (3) on a couple of the ‘family style’ rides, and in the lazy river, wave pool, etc. Plus they have lots of kiddie pools!


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