Riding on a motorcycle in India

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Question: What are some things you can do to remain as safe as possible while traveling?

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Traveling is an incredible adventure. Exploring culture, learning languages, trying new and exotic foods, sunbathing on beaches.

But what about the 'danger' that comes with travel? Violence? Disease? Illness and injury?

What can you do to protect you and your family?

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3 Responses

  1. Eric

    I think those are all good comments about traveling and safety. I totally agree that it’s safer in the less-touristy areas, and about dressing in a way that fits in.
    The people in Guatemala were so nice. I thought that going to Belize would be a pleasant relief for me since people speak English there but being on a touristy island and understanding their words was disturbing. Flying back to Miami also seemed too impersonal and unfriendly with plenty of room on the airplane unlike the crowded but cozy conditions in a microbus. I love your previous post about walking through the hills, installing the stove, and riding the micro.

    • Rachel

      It’s interesting how the different areas have their own ‘feel’ to them. Glad you had a nice trip!


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