As we traveled from Anthem toward Snowflake, Arizona where we had another meetup, we stopped by to look at Montezuma's Castle.

It was erroneously called Montezuma's Castle by Spanish Explorers, who believed it to be a hide-away of the Aztec leader, Montezuma. Really it was built by the Sinagua people who lived in this area. This housed around 35 people.

There was actually another 'castle' built just 'next door' to this one, that housed up to 100 people, but it was destroyed by a fire.

We were travel weary when we arrived here. We'd had a couple of hard days of driving, and had several hours still in front of us - so we didn't stay long - only long enough for the kids to earn their Junior Ranger Badges, which they couldn't have been more stoked about!

I'm personally always fascinated thinking about ancient peoples and how they lived. What did they think? What did they do? How did they survive. I'm intrigued by these ancient cultures.

Have you and your family visited Montezuma's Castle?



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